Yoga for lower back pain

: June 20, 2015
Yoga for lower back pain
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Pain is the important thing that drives you unstable and disturbed. People try number of remedies for peaceful and calm life. Lower back pain is one of such pain that bothers you throughout your day and lowers your concentration power. Yoga has always been medium of soothing body pains. It helps body relax and slowly reduces body pain. Practicing some selective poses would be beneficial in gaining relief from lower back pain. If not treated on time back pain can become terrible problem. Let us stop this pain from entangling our life. Here are some of the poses that work miracle on lower back pain

1.Vrikshasana (tree pose)
Tree pose looks like a firm standing tree. It helps get relief from the lower back pain. It represents steady and graceful stance of tree. The asana gives several benefits such as: balance, posture, concentration, well-shaped body, strengthening and toning muscles. Here are steps for doing this asan:

  • ·Stand straight. Take a deep breath.
  • ·Pick up your one leg and place on knee of the other.
  • ·Keep legs not bend them in knee.
  • ·Raise your hand.

2.Manjarasana (cat pose)
This pose takes the posture of cat thus is called cat pose. It involves moving spinal cord up and down. It treats chronic neck pain and back pain. It also reduces back stiffness. It strengthens abdominal muscles. Let us see the steps for this pose:

  • ·Settle on knee and hand in front.
  • ·Raise your spinal cord up first.
  • ·Move your back up and down.
  • ·Inhale while you move up and exhale when you move down.

3.Parsva balasana (threading the needle)
As thread is flexible so needs to be your back. Same is done by given pose. The body posture looks like threading the needle. It is also known as revolved child’s pose. It compresses upper muscles of the chest. But practicing this pose should be avoided if you have severe shoulder and neck injury. Let us study steps to do this pose.

  • ·Settle on your knees and spread your hands in front.
  • ·Move your hand across the other.
  • ·Stretch your body and the posture appears as if hand is thread and other body makes the round hole of the needle.

4.Bitilasana (cow pose)
Cow pose one of the finest way to sooth your paining back. It involves stretching back and holding it tight. It warms up the spine. Here are the steps for performing this pose correctly:

  • ·Take a tabletop position with standing on your hand and knees like four-legged animal.
  • ·Take a deep breath and look in front.
  • ·Lift your chest and bones up towards the ceiling.
  • ·Hold your body tightly and put your head up.

5.Padagusthanasana (big toe pose)
Big toe pose is essential in soothing back pain. It involves stretching hand and legs both together. Stretching legs and hands together gives soothing relief to the back pain. It relieves sciatica as well. Here are steps for performing this pose:

  • ·Stand straight.
  • ·Touch your toes. Don’t bend your knees while doing this.
  • ·Try to bring your mouth close to leg.
  • ·Be in that position for some time.

6.Trikonasan (Triangle pose)
This asana is performed in standing position. Body is stretched to some extend and heals back pain. It improves function of the blood through the body. It also stimulates the function of the helps calm the mind.Let us see how to perform this pose.

  • ·Place one leg at a distance.
  • ·Take distance between two legs.
  • ·Keep first leg firm. You will see triangular shape is formed.
  • ·Place your palm at the back of the leg.
  • ·Keep hand straight in linear formation.

7.Balasana (child’s pose)
This asana takes form of a child leaning down while playing. It is done is sleeping position. It is helpful in relaxation. It also improves functioning of the kidneys.Iet us see how the pose is to be performed.

  • ·Sit on your knees.
  • ·Spread knees a little bit.
  • ·Spread your hands in front.
  • ·Kneel down your head.
  • ·Stretch your back.

Life has become sedentary and fast as well. Most of the conditions in life today expect us to work in sitting position. Similarly world expects us to be up to date, smart and running. But back pain can be severe barrier in our progress. If triggered it can cause lifetime pain. One needs to be aware of signals of sedentary life that are hindering your progress by emerging in form of severe back pain. Natural ways have always come to save us! So let us learn these poses and heal from lower back pain!! 


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