What is High Cholesterol ? Herbs for High Cholesterol

: May 5, 2015
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We all have most of the times seen advertisements on television about food items that lower the cholesterol. Every company tries to convince us how their biscuit or oil are good in controlling the cholesterol. Some of us get convinced to their advertisements and some of us do not. Some of us just wonder around and think what actually cholesterol is? I am also the one amongst those who thinks in this way. I have seen my mother stopping my father to eat less saturated or oily food or foods that comprise of cheese and butter. But I feel bad when my father pity’s in front of my mother for having or consuming such food items. So today I am also the one among those thousands of people feel the need to know cholesterol and food items that will control them
  • What is Cholesterol?

A waxy substance that is produced by our body for itself is called as Cholesterol. Cholesterol adds up to our body through food items eaten by us. The lipoprotein that is high in density means HDL. It mostly called as "good" cholesterol. This is so called as it acts as a protective shield to your heart. This is so called as it does not cause any harm to your heart. In fact it reduces the risk of heart diseases. It prevents from hardening of arteries and other problems related to the heart.

Here we have some natural ways in which we can control cholesterol. The best things you can use for lowering cholesterol is making the use of herbs. The presence of herbs is seen everywhere and they seem to be very effective in different situations.

1.Artichoke Plant

Artichoke plant leaves have a special type of fiber present in them. This fiber will help to block the cholesterol absorption in your body. This will also refrain the production of Low Density Lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol particles. This plant can be consumed by steaming, boiling or microwaving. You can just wait for it to cool down. Then pull out the leaves and petals from it. You can then with the help of spoon scrape the choke and consume it. This will stop your body from creating and absorbing the harmful lipoproteins. If you have gall bladder problems do not eat it.


The celery plant produces tan-colored seeds after flowering. These seeds are very small and have a distinct odor. Celery seeds are used in traditional Indian medicine, or Ayurveda. Celery seed are recommended in the treatment of colds, influenza, arthritis, digestive problems, liver disease, and more. The natural compounds that present in celery seeds are volatile oils, flavonoids and some fatty acids. Thus they have the potential of lowering blood pressure. Celery seed have flavonoids present in them. They act as antioxidants and make your body free from radicals, metabolic byproducts that may harm your cells. The coumarins in celery seed make your blood thinner. They prevent the blood clotting. Blood clots are caused mainly due to stiffening of your arterial walls. The main cause behind this is the cholesterol. Thus celery is a very good for lowering your blood cholesterol or LDL and increases HDL or good cholesterol. You can lower your LDL cholesterol by eating celery in lunch box with celery sticks as a replacement for potato chips. Thus you can deal with your cholesterol effectively.


Skullcap is powerful medicinal herb. Skullcap is a plant that is known for its uniqueness. The anti-inflammatory, astringent, nerving, sedative and strongly tonic properties of it make it the best among all. Scutellarin, Catalpol, other Volatile oils, bitter iridoids and Tannins are some value able compound found in it. It is also being used to cure various nerve problems. This plant is being used for curing various body ailments. Thus this plant is being been used for a number of herbal remedies. This plant has the potential to build up body compounds that the body needs for producing cholesterol. Thus taking skullcap will help your body to naturally get rid of the cholesterol.


 Soy are a rich source of proteins. They are consumed around the world because of the richness it composes in itself. It is very useful to have soy in your diet as they are a good for your cholesterol. They give the body all the nutrients needed for making up good cholesterol. Food items having soy help to decrease bad cholesterol from your body. Soy are easily available in the market. Foods like tofu and soy protein that will mostly help you to control your cholesterol levels. You can add soy in your wheat flour so that soy will become an integral part of your diet.


Turmeric is a powder that is obtained from orange root. It adds up good taste in your meal. Turmeric powder root can help to decrease the cholesterol levels in your body. This will gradually decrease the risk of serious heart problems. The anti-inflammatory and anti-allergic properties of turmeric make it the best herb for various body ailments. You can add a pinch of turmeric powder in your food. This will build up your immune system and prevent from cell damage. This herb has amazing benefits on your health.


Ginger is an herb that is used in Asian dishes. They add up a bit of flavor and tang. Ginger proves helpful or you may say it is very effective to cut back on your cholesterol levels. It gives your food great taste. Drinking ginger tea daily will help fight sore throats and control cholesterol.  Ginger added to your food gives your body cholesterol lowering effects.

7.Green Tea

Green tea is popular for its presence of high antioxidant content. The antioxidants (the polyphenols) present in the green tea will prevent the cholesterol from hardening on the walls of arteries (oxidizing).This will prevent from atherosclerosis and various heart problems. Green tea will prevent the cholesterol from being absorbed in the body. This absorption will be prevented due to the presence of antioxidants in the tea. You can drink this tea twice a day. This tea will lower down your LDL and have no effect on your HDL.


Garlic is called as a unique herbs in the world. Garlic is known for its amazing properties. Garlic adds up divine taste to the food. It does the job of killing the fungi and bacteria in your body. They will relieve you from digestive problem. Garlic also reduces the risk of forming dangerous clots. People suffering from high cholesterol should prevent the formation of blood clots. This formation of clots is higher near the brain and heart. Garlic helps to reduce LDL cholesterol, both triglycerides and total cholesterol. It thus maintains the HDL cholesterol or keeps it unchanged. Garlic cloves can be added in your daily diet. You should avoid over eating garlic as it may give you bad breathe and even harm your liver.

9.Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is an amazing supplement for controlling your cholesterol. Apple cider vinegar contains pectin. Pectin has the property to lower down your cholesterol. Apple cider vinegar fills your stomach with soluble fibers. The soluble fiber absorb all the cholesterol in body. It refrains it spreading in your body. The fiber bonds up with the cholesterol in your body. This bonding will be eliminated from the body. This bonding will not further circulate in your body. Thus the digestive system then proceeds to send it out. Thus the extra cholesterol will be eliminated from your body effectively. Apple cider vinegar should be consumed by adding it up in the water. This will make you feel full and make you less tempted to eat snacks or high cholesterol food. The presence of amino acids will help in neutralizing the cholesterol in your body.

10.Flax Seed

One more cholesterol lowering herbs is Flax seeds. Flax seed have the richness of lignans. Healthy digestive tract is promoted by flax seeds. This helps out in decreasing blood cholesterol thus preventing the heart problems. They have a lot of fiber in them. The presence of bodily nutrients will fight back the production and absorption of cholesterol by your body. The presence of Omega 3 fatty acids will help and prevent cholesterol from building up on the walls of your arteries. They will cut down the LDL cholesterol and increase HDL cholesterol. This will lower down your total cholesterol level in the body

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