Unrestrained Diabetes and Ailments

: May 4, 2015
diabetes and ailments
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Diabetes is a condition when our body fails in producing insulin. 90% people are facing this problem. This disease can be controlled by having regular checks and medications, but due to haste of life people cannot do so.
Diabetes is of two types. Type I is not harmful but if not controlled may become harmful. The results of Type II diabetes are very harmful. 
Harm caused by Type II diabetes will never be retained. It completely damages the vital organs of our body with help of high blood pressure. Diabetes and high blood pressure both go hand in hand. So it is recommended that people should take care of their health and prevent from such health issues.

Following are organs that may be affected:

  • Eyes
  • Nerves
  • Kidney
  • Heart
  • Teeth and gums

1.Heart Disease and Diabetes:

Heart disease
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The biggest complication faced by people due to uncontrolled diabetes is of Heart. Almost 75% of people with diabetes also face high blood pressure and are forced to take medication to forbid blood pressure.
Also 65% facing high cholesterol problem have to face the same. Research studies have proved that controlling diabetes can stop the progress of heart

2.Diabetes and the Eyes:

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New reason of blindness in adults between ages 20-74 is diabetes. Many eye problems are caused due to it. The disorders caused by them are:
Diabetes may affect small blood vessels of eyes. In this optical nerves will get damaged. The optical nerves receive light impulse and give a signal to the brain. When lens of eyes are affected they may lead to cataract.

3.Kidney Disease and Diabetes:

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Kidney failures in adults is due to diabetes. In a year nearly 47% new case are noticed.
Controlling your blood pressure by medications will almost lower the risk of failure by 35%. It cause the blood vessels to leak. This thus allows the blood vessels to drain out protein through urine.

4.Nerves Disease and Diabetes:

High level of blood sugar level will harm your nerves. Your foot will burn and it will lose your senses. Most of the diabetic patients go through problem of nerves damage. Diabetes patients suffer from leg and arm pain. They may also face problem of digestion. They may damage the ear and lead to deafness among people.

5. Foot damage:

Diabetes will damage your nerve and foot. Poor nerve will poor your blood flow and decreases the risk factor of foot complications. Foot damage and cuts that left untreated can cause infections. The wound of diabetic patients have poor healing power.

6. Skin Problems:

Susceptibility of skin issues is more in diabetic patients. They may face from various fungal as well as bacterial infections. It leads to dry and cut skin.

7. Hyperglycemia:

High level glucose in blood leads to hyperglycemia. In this condition the patient suffers from dehydration. Your pulse will be rapid in this condition. People suffering from this face from problem of hyperosmolar coma. In this urinates more and feels thirsty

8. Hypoglycemia:

Low level of sugar in blood means hypoglycemia. Causes of this disorder are sweating, fatigue and agitation. Severity of this disorder can lead to unconsciousness. Immediate intake of glucose can be very helpful.

9. Alzheimer's disease:

Alzheimer's disease risk is higher in people suffering from Type II diabetes. You should have strong blood sugar level control. If your blood sugar level control is poorer the chances of suffering from this disease is higher.

10. Excess growth in babies:

Excess glucose will reach by placenta to baby’s body. This will trigger baby's pancreas and extra insulin is being produced. The baby is restricted from use of extra glucose. This will remain in baby’s body as fats. This accumulation of fats in the body of baby will give birth to obese babies. Such babies that larger require birth of C-section. 

11.Blood clotting:

Diabetes lowers down the function of your nerves. They thus make blood flow poor in your body. This poring of nerves also develops the tendency of making blood clots.
This may also result in tumors.

12. Blood Vessel Diseases

Diabetes damages the blood vessels very much. They may lower down blood flow or may even cause various cardiovascular diseases. They may thus increase the risk of stroke and heart impairment.

13. Tooth and Gums:

Poor control over diabetes can cause dental problems. They may cause infections of gums. They also lower down blood flow to the gums. The high level of blood sugar leads to dry mouth and make the gum disease more worst. They may also result in bacterial and plaque buildup in mouth.

14. Impotence In Men:

Men suffering from diabetes face problem of impotence. At times this may be temporary also. You may consult a doctor for this.

15. Complications in Pregnancy:

Women suffering from diabetes and get pregnant and the ones who diagnose diabetes after pregnancy face serious complications. They may suffer all the problems related to diabetes.

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