Tips to strengthen hair

: June 20, 2015
tips for strong hair
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Ethan Johan, famous Hollywood actress, has rightly said: My hair, my identity. Our hairs are our identity. They represent us. The way your hair carry your identity it is important to nourish them. Meek and unhealthy hair may represent weak and unnoticeable personality of you. Whereas strong hair makes you appear ever blossomed beauty. In one of the famous painting painter has painted as if tree has its blossomed branches like hair. This shows truly hair has got important place in woman’s beauty. To maintain beauty it is very important to maintain strong and fully nourished hair. Here are some tips for strengthening hair


1.Avoid applying heat

Women generally keep keen interest in massaging hair with hot oil. But it is suggested to avoid applying heat to hair. Heat weakens the roots of hair. Pouring too hot water while washing the hair is also big risk as chances are there that hair will be damaged. Using hair dryer too often may damage the hair as hair dryer is held near the roots.

2.Apply coconut oil

Coconut oil is boon to hair. It contains vitamins and minerals that nourish hair and make them lubricates hair from tip to root. It gives all the nourishment and benefits that one may get in hot oil treatment. Applying coconut oil to hair has been beneficial for strengthening hair since ancient times. Tip: Wear plastic cap after applying oil so that it nourishes and soothes scalp.

3.Eat healthy diet.

Manifest timetable for your diet including all kind of food. Include diet that involves proteins, vitamins and fats for nourishment of your hair.Includes foods that carry vitamin D and vitamin E in your diet. Vitamin E and vitamin D play important role in reducing hair fall and strengthening hairs. If necessary seek help of skin specialist and start intake of supplements as per suggestion.

4. Use of right products

Use right products to restrict your hair fall. Stop experimenting with your hairs by using various chemical products. Seek specialists help to avoid damage to your hair. Avoid using heavy chemical products. They not only damage hair but also lead to heavy hair fall. It is necessary to study which product suits our hair and use products according to it.

5.Treat split ends

There is no complete end treatment to split ends. But it is suggested to go for oil treatment weekly. Trim your hair ends as split ends are sign of unhealthy hair. Use gentle shampoo and conditioner for your hair.Making necessary changes in diet and involving supplements is also essential to beat the problem of split ends.

6.5 steps to straighten hair

Straight hair is dream of every woman. But for she needs to go through treatment which involves heating hair. Heating ultimately invites damage to hair and weakens the hair. Hence here are five easy steps to straighten hair:

  • ·Wash hairs with straightening products
  • You get a straightening shampoo in the kit. Wash your hair clean along with it.
  • ·Hair mask
  • Most of the hair masks has got the quality to straighten hairs. So go for homemade mask.
  • ·Wide tooth comb
  • Using wide tooth comb while combing the hair enables you to straighten your hair. You can use paddle brush as well.
  • ·Hair dryer
  • Drying your hair under heat of the hair dryer will enable you get straight hair.
  • ·Anti-frizz serum
  • Frizzy hair can be problem for those who want straight hair. You can dabble your hair with anti-frizz. Serum.

With few steps to follow and you will get straight hair to show off with. Similarly we have provided ample amount of solutions to your weak hairs. Just go through all the solutions, emphasize necessary ones and manifest them correctly. With the help of this positive attitude strengthening hair and getting beautiful hairs to try hair style with is easier. Let’s care for hare and go for majestic look!! 


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