Natural Ways to Battle Premature Graying of Hairs

: April 29, 2015
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Beautiful hair and jet black hair go hand in hand. But youth today face the problem of premature graying of hair. The colour of the hair is due to melanin. As we age the melanin production decreases and grey strands appear on our scalp. However due to various reasons the melanin production decreases when we are still only in our twenties or may be even younger and results in premature graying of hair

Causes of premature graying of hair:

  • Genetics
  • Poor diet leading to lack of nutrition
  • Deficiency of vitamin B,iron,copper,iodine
  • Smoking
  • Pollution
  • Stress
  • Hormonal imbalance
  • Medical conditions like thyroid
  • Use of harsh hair products.
There are several chemical products available in the market to hide gray hair but these can cause further damage to your already damaged tresses. It is therefore prudent to use home remedies to cover the gray hair.

Home Remedies:

1. Amla:

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Amla has vitamin C and antioxidants which makes it very useful in anti aging treatment. Consuming the fruit and also applying amla oil both are beneficial for treating gray hair. Different methods by which amla can be applied to hair are as follows.

Method I:

  • Take coconut oil in a container.
  • Heat the oil.
  • Add a few pieces dried amla to the oil.
  • Heat till the amla pieces become black.
  • Let the oil cool.
  • Apply this oil through out the night.
  • Wash hair in the morning
  • Use the remedy twice a week

Method II:

  • Remove seeds from the amla fruit.
  • Smash and make a pulp
  • Add lemon juice to it
  • Apply this mixture to hair.
  • Wash hair after one hour.
  • Follow the remedy once in a week

Method III:

  • Take amla juice and almond oil in equal quantities
  • Add lemon juice
  • Apply the mixture to hair
  • Wash hair after one hour
  • Follow the remedy once in a week

2. Curry Leaves:

Curry leaves
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Curry leaves augment the dark pigment of our hair. Its combination with coconut oil works wonders for the hair. Consume curry leaves daily.
  • Take coconut oil in a container.
  • Ad a handful of curry leaves to it.
  • Boil the oil till the leaves turn black
  • Massage the scalp with the oil.
  • Leave it for one hour.
  • Wash hair with water.
  • Follow the remedy once in a week

3. Henna:

Henna helps hide gray hair by coloring it .It is a good conditioner for hair and also nourishes it.

Method I:

  • Make paste of henna leaves by grinding them
  • Add three teaspoons of amla powder
  • Add one teaspoon of coffee powder
  • Add a little yogurt and mix well
  • Apply it to the hair evenly
  • Rinse with water once it has dried
  • Shampoo hair
  • Follow the remedy once in three to four weeks

Method II:

  • Add henna leaves to coconut oil.
  • Boil the mixture till the leaves turn black
  • Strain and cool the oil.
  • Apply the oil to the scalp twice in a week.

Method III:

  • Mix hot black coffee with henna powder.
  • Make a thick paste.
  • Cover the vessel
  • Let it sit for few hours
  • Apply the mask to the hair
  • Leave it for two to three hours
  • Shampoo hair
  • Follow the remedy once in three to four weeks.

4. Coconut Oil and Lemon:

Coconut oil
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Coconut oil moisturizes hair, promotes growth of hair and its prolonged usage also helps undo graying of hair. Lemon juice helps fight infections.
  • Mix lemon juice with coconut oil.
  • Apply the mixture to hair
  • Leave it for one hour
  • Shampoo hair
  • Follow the remedy once a week

5. Onion Juice:

Onion juice
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It is believed that decrease in the amount of catalase which is a natural antioxidant results in graying of hair. Onion juice helps in production of catalase.
  • Crush an onion and extract its juice
  • Apply the juice to the hair
  • Leave it for one hour
  • Rinse hair with water
  • Follow the remedy daily for one month

6. Black Tea:

Black tea
Black tea darkens the hair color and also makes it lustrous.
  • Add two teaspoons of black tea to water
  • Boil the mixture
  • Add one teaspoon of salt to it
  • Cool the solution
  • Rinse hair with this solution two or three times
  • When you rinse for the last time let the solution stay for 15 fifteen minutes
  • Wash hair with cold water
  • Do not shampoo
  • Repeat the remedy twice a week

Some additional tips :

  1. Eat a healthy diet which provides vitamin B, iron, copper and iodine.
  2. Eat a tablespoon of black strap molasses everyday in the morning as it helps in producing hair pigment and also has copper, iron and selenium. Regular intake is found to reverse graying of hair
  3. Black sesame seeds help in the production of melanin and also contain protein,iron,copper,magnesium .Eat a teaspoon of black sesame seeds daily at least for three months
  4. Do not use very hot water for washing hair
  5. Maintain proper hygiene of the scalp.
  6. Avoid excess use of hair dyes and avoid blow drying your hair regularly.
  7. Massage scalp with warm coconut oil on regular basis.
Avoid the use of hair dye which will only cause damage to hair, instead follow the tips and simple home remedies to avoid graying of hair. Keep in mind that it will take some time for these remedies to show results but they will surely be fruitful. Remember patience and persistence is the key to success.


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