Link between Obesity and Type 2 Diabetes

: May 4, 2015

obesity and diabetes

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A condition of complex disorder that involves large body fat is called Obesity. Most of us are worried about our increasing number of weight but do not show any effort to reduce it. 90% of world’s population is facing with problem of obesity and the health problems related to it. The over fat accumulated in the body will lead to obesity. They reason for this fat is due over eating. Some people are mad about eating. The overeating of chocolates, ice-cream and sweet items will lead to fat accumulation in your body. The overeating of oily and fried food is also one of the reason for being obese. Obesity means fats deposition your body. This fats will block and damage our body cells. It will also lead to blocking of blood vessels. High blood pressure will be the result of this blocking of arteries. The body thus fails to produce insulin and thus diabetes is the outcome of such problems.

What is diabetes?

Diabetes is a metabolic condition in which our body fails to produce insulin. Insulin does the job of regulating the blood glucose levels. Diabetes are of two types.
  • Diabetes Type I: In this condition the cells that produce insulin are being destroyed. This type of diabetes is seen only in 10% of population.
  • Diabetes Type II: In this condition insulin is being produced in body but the body cannot utilize it well.

Obesity and Type II Diabetes

  • Type II Diabetes and Obesity are associated with each other. People who are obese will mostly suffer from diabetes type II. Severity of getting Diabetes Type II depends on BMI that is body mass index.
  • Men with raised waist have higher probability of facing the problem of diabetes than the one that do not have raised waist.
  • Abdominal Obesity allows the fats cells to release pro-inflammatory chemicals. These chemicals make our body less sensitive to the insulin it produces. This disrupts the function of insulin responsive cells and makes them less responsive to insulin.
  • Due to obesity Body's metabolism may trigger changes that cause adipose (fat) tissue to release more amount of glycerol, fatty acids, hormones and pro-inflammatory cytokines that are involved in the development of insulin resistance.

Causes of it:

Damage the body:  

High level of glucose in the blood damages your nerves as well as small blood vessels that of eyes, heart and kidney. They may lead to hardening of arteries. It may cause heart attack.


The rise of sugar in the blood causes increased urination thus leading to dehydration.

Diabetic coma:

When diabetic person gets very ill or face severe dehydration and cannot drink required fluids, they may face this complication

Steps to be followed to control Diabetes Type II and Obesity.

1. Exercise:

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Maintaining your health is obtained with proper exercise. It will help in regularizing the flow of blood and control sugar level in the blood. Thus the increase in metabolic rate will increase and thus lower down the risk of diabetes. Most of us deal with a sedentary life style. We are less prone to move around and do our work. Doing your work on your own will burn your calories. This will also help to low down the risk of obesity. Burning more calories will give you stable hormones. If your hormones are unstable they will lead to weight gain and make you obese.. 

2. Green Tea:

Green tea
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 Drink one cup of green tea by avoiding sugar. Regular drinking of green tea will make your body radical free. Antioxidants present in it normalize the blood sugar level. This will control diabetes. The presence of minerals will help your body cells and tissues from getting damaged. The cells damaged or blocked due to fats are made to breathe due to this tea. It allows proper blood circulation in body. This tea proves to be a magic for the ones who suffer from diabetes and obesity as this has the capacity of effectively controlling the both ailments of human body.

3. Vinegar:


Vinegar is a very good dietary compound that dilutes level of concentrated sugar-level in blood. You may have two to three spoon full of vinegar before a meal this will reduce the influx of glucose. As we all know apple cider vinegar is very good source for controlling the diabetes. You can just add a spoon full of this vinegar in water and drink it without sugar. You may also add apple cider vinegar in your salad dressings. These two methods are very good as by drinking it your diabetes is controlled very easily and when you have in salads as dressing this will effectively control your diabetes and also add up to the fiber content in your diet. This will also help you in controlling your obesity and diabetes.

4. Constant Checks:

Regular checks
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Monitoring blood sugar level regularly contracts the chance of diabetes. To do this get a blood-glucose monitor. The device require very small sample of blood to check your sugar levels. When you constantly monitor your diabetes the chances of facing further chronic problems is less. You can control the level of sugar by proper medications and other effective measures.


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