Is Okra Water Effective to treat diabetes?

: April 27, 2015

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Vegetables that are fast and easy to cook form a part and parcel of our school, college and office life because these easy to cook veggies form an integral part of our lunch box. Okra or ladies fingers is one such vegetable.
Okra or lady’s finger is widely used in Indian cuisine. This easy to cook vegetable is however not the vegetable of choice for many because of the sticky gelatinous fluid like substance that comes out of it when you slit it; but okra is found to be one of the best and easily available remedy for diabetes.

Okra water diabetes
Okra helps in curing diabetes as follows:

  • Okra has soluble fiber .Soluble fiber slows down digestion and keeps your stomach full for a longer time .This has a beneficial effect on insulin sensitivity and controls the blood glucose levels
  • Foods with high glycemic index inhibit the function of processing of sugar in body leading to diabetes. Okra is found to have a very low glycemic index. (Glycemic index calculates the amount of sugar produced on consuming a particular food product)
  • The soluble fiber is okra brings down the cholesterol levels
  • The soluble fiber improves digestion
In addition to being good for controlling diabetes it  is also a good source of proteins,calcium,magnesium,phosphorous,potassium,sulphur,iron,copper and vitamins A and C.Okra improves vitality .It has probiotics which facilitate biosynthesis of Vitamin B and detoxify blood. Okra has a very high amount of fiber (especially pectin) as compared to several other vegetables .It hardly has any calories and hence should be a part of your weight loss regime as well.

Okra pods can be consumed as vegetables or you can drink okra water which is very good for diabetes. But make sure that in order to obtain maximum health benefits use freshly okra and not that is many day old and cut it just before cooking it.

In addition to eating the pods an important way of consuming it for fighting diabetes is drinking okra water. The procedure to prepare okra water is very simple.

Procedure to prepare Okra Water:

  • Slit the ends of two okra pods.
  • Without washing the sticky liquid that comes out from these ends;dip  both the pods in water.
  • Leave it overnight.
  • Remove the pods and drink the water in the morning.
So if you or your near and dear ones are suffering from diabetes then make it a point to include these slender green pods in your daily diet. It is an inexpensive natural source of good life.


Sarjita Pradhan

Sarjita Pradhan

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