Is Bitter Gourd Useful for Weightloss ?

: May 20, 2015

bitter gourd
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Bitter gourd or karela might has a gained negative reputation because of its extreme bitter and unpleasant taste but it is also considered as a valuable vegetable and has been used in folk medicine since a long time for its numerous benefits. Bitter gourd is packed with some key nutrients and healthy components, and hence can serve as a healthy addition to your diet.



Most people look towards bitter gourd with something which is similar to horror. We cannot blame them as this dark green vegetable with its nice ridges on the surface is rather bitter like the name suggests. It is a fact that bitter gourd offers myriad health benefits. Bitter gourd is a rich source of cellulose, which helps in addition of fiber to you daily diet, improving digestion and also helps in preventing problems like dyspepsia and constipation. It also contains antihelminthic compounds that can kill infectious worms in your stomach.
The juice of the bitter gourd or its leaves have a lot of medicinal value. But most important is, does bitter gourd help in weight loss? It is a wonder to many who are cautious about health and fitness that bitter gourd can be used effectively for weight loss. The bitter gourd or bitter squash comes in two colors, dark green and light green. This depends upon the place where they are grown. Bitter gourd can be consumed fresh juice first thing in the morning.
Karela keeps your blood sugar level in control, against the sugar containing foods that causes a spike in the blood sugar level which in turn sends a signal to the pancreas to release the fat that stores hormone insulin. Bitter gourd is an effective diet-friendly food.

1. Calorie Check:

Vegetables have a low density of calorie, so if you have lot of them you don’t put on weight. Karela has 16 calories per cup, and the leafy tips contain 14 calories.

2. Fills You up:

Karela is high in water content (90%) and water is free in calorie. The more water you intake the more your appetite is suppressed as you feel fuller in your stomach.  Karela contains 2.6g of dietary fiber, as it takes more time to break down.
100g serving of bitter gourd contains just 17 calories making it a best option for those who want to lose weight. It also helps to stimulate the liver to secrete bile acids that are crucial for metabolizing fat in the body

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