How to Whiten Skin with Fruits

: May 20, 2015
fruits to whiten skinImage Source:ShutterStock
Nowadays many brands have introduced new beauty products into the market for fair skin etc. But this is all fooling the customers with fake promises of their fairness creams. It is just to adopt the ancient natural home remedies for getting fair skin complexion. Fruits are not just meant for eating... they can also be used for many other purposes...  you can take Skin Lightening for example. That’s perfect! Many fruits can be applied topically on the skin to lighten skin-tone .Fruits contains many nutrients that are beneficial to our health and can also help keep us full while eating fewer calories. You need to enjoy a wide variety of fruits every day. 
  • Take one banana and mash it, then mix it well with raw milk and apply this nourishing mixture on your face. This mixture will help you bring an instant glow to your lackluster face. You can try this fairness treatment for a pre-party glow facial.
  • Take some amount of milk into a container and add grinded mango peels to it. Mix well and then apply this mixture on your face to get best skin-whitening results.
  • Take ¼ quantity of orange juice and one spoon of milk. Then mix it well to apply on your face. This treatment can help you reduce tanning of your skin.
  • Dry some peels of orange in sun light. After some time, blend the orange peels powder with curd. Apply this mixture to on your face to get fair and glowing results. This facial mask can be used daily.
  • Mix honey, papaya and milk in equal amount in a container and apply this on your face to get fair skin. You can use this face mask daily as this face mask gives an instantly glowing skin.
  • Take orange juice and add a pinch of turmeric powder to it .Apply this mixture on tour face. This home remedy helps to cure sun burn and makes your skin fair.
  • The blend of watermelon and papaya is excellent for oil skin. You can try this home remedy for getting fair skin naturally at home.
  • You can also apply ripe strawberry or strawberry puree on your face to lighten the tone of your skin.
  • Preparation made by mixing potato, banana, honey and Bergamot oil is extremely helpful to remove pigmentation marks from the face as well as lighten your skin

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