How morning walk can help in weight loss

: May 20, 2015
Morning walk
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If your weight has been increased than required and you are feeling embarrassed to walk down with your friends, the immediate step you would take is thinking of joining a gym and get involved in a weight loss programme as early as possible. This type of behavior is observed in the teenagers-girls especially as they try to look stunning and try to maintain a beautiful figure. But you need to know that there are many different ways which can help you with weight loss and artificial processes. To minimize the risk of injury you need to walk. Morning walking is low-impact activity that can help you burn calories and build muscle, especially if you pair it with a diet of nutritious foods in moderation. Walking regularly is very beneficial than doing no exercise at all, and it is an easy way. You may consult your doctor before starting your daily walk especially if you are injured or any major reason may exist. Walking stretches your mind and your soul. Walking creates energy in you and awakens your mind to fully relax. In today’s irritatingly fast world you deprive yourself of the much needed oxygen that is getting depleted with the time. The early hours in the morning would probably give you fresh oxygen and quality time to spend with the greenery and beauty around you .The oxygen that you get in the early morning also gives you a great amount of energy especially to your joints .Your leg movements releases good cholesterol in your blood opening up the channels of energy
Constantly moving your joints will increase your blood circulation in a way that can be completed with your daily walk.

Step 1:

Have a good breakfast
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Have a nutritious breakfast or small snack before going for a walk, like a container of yogurt with walnuts. Your body fuels by a balance of proteins and carbohydrates. It helps you prevent from injuries and also increase your stamina.

Step 2:

To, start walk for at least 30 minutes. Walk quickly as you feel comfortable and slow down if necessary. If you are not able to complete the walk in the morning you can take a break and complete the rest of walk in the afternoon or evening.

Step 3:

Consume a nutritious balance of fresh fruits, whole grains and vegetables, and try to take in more protein for every meal. A calorie deficit must be created in your body by burning more number of calories through physical activity than consuming on a regular basis. By the process of consuming fewer calories and incorporating your walking workout your routine, you may achieve this calorie and lose weight. You can find some steps mentioned below:

Step 4:

Add some time intervals of speed walking or running to your morning workout as your body becomes stronger. Adding a few minutes of running into your routine will burn more calories and give your muscles an extra workout.

Tip - 

Stop exercising immediately if you feel pain and consult your doctor immediately if this pain continues.

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