High Blood Pressure Tips and Home Remedies

: April 29, 2015
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So many people loose their lives due to heart attack. The trigger factor in most cardiac problems is high blood pressure. High blood pressure is a silent killer and must be treated and controlled.
It is like sitting on a volcano which is ready to erupt. Blood pressure reading of 140:90 or more is considered to be high blood pressure. Several factors like obesity, stress, anxiousness, certain medical conditions like thyroid, obesity, hereditary factors result in high blood pressure. The symptoms are not just limited to chest pain and fatigue. Even acidity, headaches, heart beats at an increased rates can indicate hypertension. 
There is no need to hit the panic button because with dietary tips and home remedies high blood pressure can naturally be controlled.

Tips For Controlling High Blood Pressure:

1. Avoid Stress:

Avoid stress
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Worrying about trivial matters is not going to resolve the matter and affect your health adversely. So stop worrying and learn to be happier and relax

2. Lose Weight:

Lose weight
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Overweight people are prone to blood pressure problems .So keep your weigh under check. Chalk out a daily exercise regime depending on what suits you best. It could be jogging, walking aerobics etc.

3. Avoid alcohol and tobacco:

No tobacco and alcohol
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The secret to a healthy heart is to not indulge in smoking and alcohol. They will only make matters worse for your blood pressure.

4. Avoid excess salt and sugar:

Avoid excess sugar and salt
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Excess salt is known to decrease the flexibility of the walls of the blood vessels. Excess sugar too is harmful for high blood pressure patients. Large intake of salt especially in pickels, as table salt on salads etc should be avoided. Also avoid large intake of sugar. Switch to honey if you like sweet stuff.

5. Cooking Oil:

Cooking oil
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Cooking oil that contains polyphenols and antioxidants which help in reducing blood pressure should be included in your diet. Give preference to olive oil, sunflower oil etc.

6. Your Diet:

Diet is a key factor in controlling blood pressure. Eat fruits and vegetables that are rich in vitamin C, potassium and magnesium as they help in maintaining the flexibility of the walls of the blood vessels. Include banana, papaya, carrot, spinach etc in your daily diet. Milk which is a rich source of calcium, magnesium and potassium should be a daily part of your diet. Eat lean protein rich food like fish, chicken which is either baked or steamed. Also eat lots of high fiber nuts like walnuts and almonds and cereals and whole grains .Avoid refines flour and processed foods strictly. Include lots of garlic in your daily diet as it reduces blood pressure. Avoid excess salt as it is responsible for hardening of the blood vessels which in turn increases blood pressure.

Home Remedies for controlling high blood pressure:

1. Amla:

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Amla has large amounts of vitamin C and helps in keeping the walls of the blood vessel flexible. Eat raw amla daily. You can also combine it with honey as follows:
  • Deseed few amla
  • Cut into small pieces
  • Blend them
  • Strain and add honey to the liquid
  • Have this mixture twice daily

2. Spinach:

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Spinach is rich in vitamin C ,iron and potassium and like amla it too helps in keeping the walls of the blood vessels flexible.You can have spinach in the form of salad or veggie or even in the form of juice
  • Take few spinach leaves
  • Wash them well
  • Blend in a blender
  • Strain the mixture
  • Add lemon juice to the liquid
  • Have this juice once daily

3. Ginger:

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Ginger is known to improve blood circulation and thereby reduces the incidence of high blood pressure. It also has an impact in reducing bad cholesterol
  • Take a little ginger, crush it well
  • Add it to a cup of water
  • Boil the mixture for 10 minutes
  • Strain and have this tea twice daily 

4. Coconut:

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Since coconut water contains potassium, magnesium and vitamin C it is helps reduce hypertension. Coconut oil can be included as cooking medium. Drink coconut water daily especially in the summers. It also prevents dehydration

5. Potatoes: 

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Poatatos contain magnesium and potassium and  are therefore useful in decreasing pressure.But make sure that you have potatoes in the boiled form and not deep fried form

6. Lemon :

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Lemon juice increases the flexibility of blood vessels and improves circulation thereby reducing blood pressure. Opt for fresh lime juice sweetened with honey and not sugar .Have this daily

7. Watermelon seeds :

Watermelon seeds
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The amino acids in water melon seeds decrease blood pressure. They should
  • Grind the roasted watermelon seed
  • Boil with water.
  • Strain and drink the liquid in the morning daily.

8. Cocoa :

Dark chocolate
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The phytochemicals in cocoa reduces blood pressure. Unsweetened cocoa powder is readily available in the market. You can even eat a few cubes of dark chocolate as it has less sugar.
High blood pressure can prove to be fatal; we therefore need to take utmost care and precautions to keep it under control. Positive attitude, healthy lifestyle, diet control and home remedies all put together go a long way in managing high blood pressure. All these measures have to be backed by regular medical check ups and medical advice.


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