Hair Smoothening v/s Hair Straightening

: April 30, 2015
Hair Straightening
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Some of us are bestowed with the gift of naturally smooth and straight hair. But there are many who are not that lucky. They have to put up with frizzy, curly, dull hair which is difficult to manage. This leads to search for solutions to make the unmanageable locks smooth straight and easier to manage. The answer to this quest is hair smoothening and hair straightening. Both are chemical treatments but done differently. Both are very famous techniques and both have their own pros and cons which we shall analyze to determine which of the two is a more beneficial technique

1. Hair Smoothening:

  • This technique makes the hair more smooth, soft and silky.
  • It involves mainly alignment and placement.
  • It does not change the natural hair type.
  • This is the best option for dull hair with split ends.

2. Hair Straightening:

  • This is a styling technique.
  • It straightens up unmanageable locks of hair.
  • It makes the hair manageable
  • Gives it a straight appearance.
  • It is best suited for extremely curly hair
  • Involves the use of chemicals and heat.

Difference  between the procedure of hair smoothening and hair straightening:

Both the techniques involve the use of chemicals but the way the techniques are carried out is different. In hair straightening hot iron plate are used when the cream is applied to the hair with the middle and index finger .Whereas in hair smoothening only the use of middle and index fingers are used to straighten hair no iron plates are used. In smoothening unlike in hair straightening the hair swells in some time. So hair smoothening depends on fingers whereas hair straightening depends on clamping tool.

Advantages of hair smoothening over hair straightening:

Hair smoothening does not change the natural hair type but still manages to give smooth and soft hair. It improves the hair quality and texture without changing the hair type. Hair straightening on the other hand involves the change of natural hair type. To change the curls in straight hair the bond in the hair need to be broken and then need to be again reset. This requires the use of strong chemicals and heat which will surely damage hair.

Advantages of hair straightening over hair smoothening:

If you want straight and manageable hair then hair straightening is a better option as compared to hair smoothening. Hair smoothening will eventually make curly hair slightly wavy but they surely cannot make your tresses straight for which hair straightening is the best option. Besides it has also been found that smoothening is useful for thin hair .Incase of thick curly hair straightening is a better method.

Preferred choice:

Regarding the final conclusion regarding which of the two should be your preferred choice well that would definitely depend on personal preferences.
If you simply want smooth and silk hair which can be managed easily then go in for hair smoothening. But it is straight hair and style along with easily manageable tresses that matters then hair straightening is the answer. Also if you have thick curly locks then hair straightening seems to be better option. But at the same time do keep in mind the use of harsh chemicals and heat application involved in hair straightening which can damage hair. The final call will definitely vary from person to person.


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