Green Tea to Lower Blood Pressure

: May 4, 2015
green tea
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Blood pressure is an issue that is being faced by almost 9 out of 10 people in this world. The reasons of this problem may vary from person to person. Most of the people go to the doctor and give preference to the medicines that are given by the doctor. To be on the medicines for all the time is not good for your health. The medicines may result in side effects and other health related issues. At time with the growing age the senior citizens also find the medicines expensive to buy. So to keep your health healthier with effective measures you can make some changes in your daily diet. You can try out some home remedies for controlling such health related problems. Green tea is a power pack beverage in budget to control your blood pressure effectively. Let us now see how what properties are there in green tea that makes it so good.

Following are the ways in which green tea is helps us: 

  1. Green tea is not only a green liquid but something more than that. Too many bioactive compounds present in the tea leaves make up into the final tea. This final drink contains huge amount of important nutrients.
  2. It is full with polyphenols like flavonoids and more. They are powerful antioxidants. Formation of free radicals in your body, protection of cells and prevention of molecules from damage is done by these substances. The free radicals play a vital role in aging and all sort of diseases.
  3. Green tea also comprise of small amounts of minerals that prove important for your health. Make a choice of higher quality brand while buying green tea. The lower brands may have excessive fluoride level.

Have a look how Blood Pressure is controlled by Green Tea:

  1. The epigallocatechin gallate an antioxidant compound that is present in green tea is also known as catechins. Various researchers have found out that the antioxidant power of this compound is 100 times more than vitamin C and 25% more than that of vitamin E. This tea protects the cell of body from damage of the radicals. The high blood pressure is thus effectively controlled by this green tea. The credit of its effectiveness mainly goes to this promising compound ECG.
  2. Green tea is useful in controlling your blood pressure and blood cholesterol. The risk of atherosclerosis is thus reduced by regular drinking of green tea. The anti-oxidant property or action of green tea is valuable in anti-aging.
  3. Green tea’s presence of flavonoids protects the blood vessels from being getting damaged. The high blood pressure damages the blood vessels due to high pressure and thus increase the risk of stroke in people suffering from high blood pressure. This tea increases the life span of the person and thus reduces the risk of stroke.
  4. Green tea also reduces the extreme pressure of the blood exerted on the heart. It allows the blood flow very easily. Thus it will not generate any lack of blood supply in the body. This will also keep you relaxed all the time.
  5. The regular drinking of green tea about 2 to 3 cups a day will reduce the risk of death from stroke. This tea will control your blood pressure and prevent your blood from getting clotted and regulate the blood flow. This tea also fills up potential energy in our body to fight against all the diseases and stay fit, healthy and active.


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