Green Tea and its Antiaging Benefits

: April 28, 2015
Green Tea for Antiaging
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All of us have this one wish which can never come true that is we should never ever age. We all want to be young throughout our life. Alas this is not possible. The youthfulness and beauty of our skin is due to collagen. Certain reactions in the body cells result in the release of toxins which are called free radicles.These cut down the oxygen supply to the cell and also bring down the collagen levels which results in deterioration of our skin and the persons looks old. This deterioration of cells occurs as the number of years increase.
Besides the fact that the person is growing old by age there are certain external factors which also result in pacing up the aging process. These factors are usually related to lifestyle:
  • Exposure to UV rays.
  • Diet
  • Consumption of tobacco, drugs and alcohol.
  • Smoking
One would definitely like a magic potion which could rejuvenate our skin and keep it younger for several years. Green tea fits into the category of just what the skin ordered. Green tea has several anti oxidants which help in keeping the skin younger.

Anti aging benefits of green tea:

1. Slows down aging of cells:

As explained earlier aging occurs due to the deterioration of cells by toxins called free radicles.The anti oxidants in green tea slow down the aging of cells.

2. Knee protection:

Knee pain
The flavonoids in green tea prevent the damage of the cartilage and collagen in the joints of knees.

3. Prevents skin aging

Prevents skin aging
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Green tea has antioxidants and moisturizing properties which purifies the skin and makes it look younger.

4. Healing agent: 

It has healing properties which prevents skin irritation and acne.

5. Antibacterial properties : 

The antibacterial properties help in fighting skin inflammation and pimples.

6. Collagen production:

It improves collagen production which helps give younger looking skin.

Components which bestow green tea it's benefits: 

1. They have high concentrations of antioxidants catechins and poly phenols which demolish the free radicals and keep the skin looking younger. 
2. Consuming green tea brings down aging because of antioxidant called oligomeric proanthocyanidins.

Benefits of green tea on the skin:

  • Soft and radiant skin.
  • Prevents hyper pigmentation
  • Prevents wrinkles
  • Hydrates skin
In addition to anti aging properties green tea has several other benefits:
  • It has antioxidants which have anti carcinogenic properties.
  • Green tea also helps against obesity.
  • It also brings down bad cholesterol levels and improves good cholesterol levels.
  • Green tea is also known to improve metabolism.
  • It is useful in certain neurological conditions
  • It improves immunity
To get maximum benefits make it a point to consume three to four cups of green tea daily. Special care needs to be taken while making green tea so that the delicate phytonutrients do not get damaged.

Procedure to prepare green tea:

  • Boil water.
  • Remove from the flame and wait for a minute.
  • Add little green tea (just a pinch of good quality green tea can be used.
  • The steeping time for green tea should also be kept in mind. It should not be more than 2 to3 minutes.
Instead of option for unhealthy beverages opt for this healthy green tea which will help you maintain a young, beautiful, radiant skin for longer and is a powerhouse of several other health benefits


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