Are Grapes Helpful to Treat Diabetes?

: May 5, 2015
grapes and diabetes
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Grapes can be considered as a healthy food. There may be various reasons for it. Their richness of fiber, vitamins and minerals that grapes have is rarely seen in any other fruit. Fruits are high in glucose and fructose, but still should be a part of the diabetic diet
  • Grapes can be considered as a healthy food. There may be various reasons for it. Their richness of fiber, vitamins and minerals that grapes have is rarely seen in any other fruit. Fruits are high in glucose and fructose, but still should be a part of the diabetic diet. The reason for this is the benefits offered to your body. Since the balance of glucose level in our blood can be upset by fruits, it is necessary to consume them in very less or in control.
  • Fruits play a vital role in your meal plan of diabetic patients. Naturally sugars have been found in red grapes, at the same time they also constitute very good level of fiber. Due to this property of red grapes they restrict our body from absorbing the grape nutrients very quickly. Ultimately this will protects you form sudden shooting up of blood glucose levels. Fibers do not cause the blood sugar level to increase as the carbohydrates and sugars do to your body.
  • Grapes are recommended by most of doctors for diabetes. Every day consuming three to four servings of grapes can be very helpful. Due to the presence of high content of nutrition in red and black grapes most of the doctors as well as associations all over the world recommend them for diabetic patients. A serving for diabetic of about one to half cup of red grapes contain 52 calories. This serve of red grapes comprise of almost a sugar content of 11.69 grams. From this given amount of sugar nearly sucrose is 0.11 grams, glucose is 5.43 grams and fructose contribute to about 6.14 grams. These contribute very small amount of fiber which will help you in your health. 
  • Diabetic Association around the world also recommend to consume green grapes for people suffering from diabetics. Green grapes contain higher fiber levels than that of black grapes or red grapes. Green grapes are a rich source of potassium. Vitamin C, Vitamin K, and polyphenols. They are excellent source of antioxidants diabetics. Green grapes and blood sugar do not have any relation between them.
  • They do not cause the level of blood glucose to rise up and are not at all harmful for diabetic patients. Ideally you can consume grapes by mixing them together. A cup of black, red and green grapes can be consumed with your each meal.

Gestational Diabetes and Grapes:

  • Red grapes do not contribute to the list of good choice for diabetics. When it comes to consuming red grapes in large quantity they are not good. Ideally all fruits should be consumed. By consuming red grapes with several different fruits will prove you very helpful.
  • Try to mix grapes with other fruits that contribute lower level of sugar and more number of carbohydrates. You can combine grapes with beetroots and raspberries to get best benefits out of these fruits. Raspberries and beetroots have anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties and also contribute to low level of sugar in them. During pregnancy grapes should be ideally avoided from your diet list as they lack carbohydrates. If you are facing any risk in pregnancy or either you are overweight the above condition will hold true.
  • The risk factor of getting gestational diabetes is high because of grapes due to carbohydrate content to a greater extent. They can also become the side effect cause of gestational diabetes. 

Type 1 Diabetes:

  • For decades, scientists failed to establish a relationship among grapes and that of type 1 diabetes. But they have discovered that eating small quantity of grapes can slow down the progress of type 1 diabetes. Scientists and doctors for the sake of experiment, made use of used grape powder in the meals of diabetic people.
  • It was noticed that type 1 diabetic patient’s diabetes steadily declined and they lead to higher life quality. They also lived healthier for longer time. Refrigerated dried powder of grapes can be made a part of your meals. The grape powder is easily available in market and be used on the prescription of a physician. The health of pancreas remains best by the regular consumption of grape powder. 

Type 2 Diabetes:

  • Various researches have shown that controlling insulin resistance and lowering down of blood sugar level is done with help of grapes. This property of grapes makes it appealing to you so as to deal with type 2 diabetes. Scientists based on this conclusion have established a positive relationship between type 2 diabetes and grapes. Grapes can reduce the risk of getting type 2 diabetes.
For those who are suffering from type 2 diabetes may consume grapes and lower down insulin resistance and prove helpful in stabilizing the level of blood sugar successfully. The risk of developing various kinds’ side effects of diabetes are prevented with help of grapes. The grapes benefit you by lowering or controlling your blood pressure. It also improves functioning of your heart. The other risk factors for metabolic syndrome was also reduce

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