Foolproof ways to Straighten your hair!!

: June 20, 2015
Ways to straighten your hair
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A famous hair dresser Iris Apfel has said: “If your hair is done properly and you have good shoes, you can get away with anything.” This shows that hair has not only got important place in beauty but is also intrinsic part of our personality. The way you carry your hair influences others and boosts your confidence. But curly hair is not part of everyone’s game. They may be ridiculous especially when one is late and hair is not made. “I was somebody who never loved my hair. I had curly hair and wished my hair was straight.” Says famous Hollywood diva Jennifer Aniston in an interview. If you also wish the same permanent straightening is the best option

Permanent hair straightening is the solution who are tired of rebellious curls, kinks and frizz. But the the question is how long the result lasts and does it really work well.L’ oreal professional X- tenso moisturist, Schwarzkopf Glatt andWella Wellastrate, are some of the best hair straightening products in the market. Let us see the procedure for straightening hair.

1.Hair relaxer:

Choosing a hair relaxer is an important task as it is just the beginning of your procedure. What you need to work on is choosing a relaxer with lye and without lye. A relaxer without lye is generally selected for home application. But beware because there are chances that it may leave your hair dry and dull.

2.Protective gear:

As you proceed, next thing is that you are going to deal with permanent straightener. To handle it you need to cover your skin especially hands with protective gear. Throw on old clothes as well. Keep an old towel within hand reach as you may require it. Wear disposable gloves.

3.Mixing the product:

Usually the product comes with two or three creams and pastes which are supposed to be mixed. Follow the direction on packets. Use wooden spatula for mixing and applying. Let the product sit before you start applying it. This helps in combining and fusing.

4.Apply petroleum jelly around your skin.

Hair straightener is not good for skin. It can be harmful if you eat or straightener goes into your eye. To protect your skin and mouth apply a thin layer of petroleum jelly such as Vaseline on your neck. Face and hands.

5.Do a strand test.

It is important to know whether the solution suits your hair or not. Otherwise a reaction can bother you lot causing damage to your hair.

6.Setting the time.

Read the time prescribed on box for leaving straightener into your hair. It is very essential to not to cross this time limit. Straightener is made to function only for particular amount of time. Set time in the timer and keep it next to you.

7.Apply the combination

Now when you are done with the test start applying straightener to your hairs. Apply it evenly. Deal with small sections. Start from the root and stop at tip. Do not let it go on your scalp. After applying the solution on your head comb your hair with wide-toothed comb. It sees to that solution spreads even on your hairs. Keep an eye on timer while going through all this procedure.

8.Rinse your hair.

Rinse your hair. Rinse it again and again and thoroughly. After washing it apply hair conditioner that suits your hair. Style your hair and here you go with straight hair.

Costs if these straightener are pretty affordable although not very cheap. Almost all of them cost near Rs. 500. The kit provides a relaxer and combination of cream and paste. The kit gives option of working on hairs at home. Permanent straightener has got several benefits and side effects too. Let us take a look at them:

1.Benefits –

  • ·Permanent straightener provides a choice of straight hair for those who are fed up with curls and frizzes.
  • ·It provides with straight and silky hair.
  • ·The straightening retains its quality up to 6 months and more.

2.Side effects –

  • ·It makes your hair thin.
  • ·It reduces volume of your hair.
  • ·Sometimes it looks artificial giving appearance as if you are using wig.
  • ·It requires using hair straightening shampoo whenever you wash your hair after straightening. Thus maintenance is high.
  • ·It is permanent and thus irreversible. It means you cannot change it.
  • ·Chemicals in the solution may cause damage to hair.

But we can certainly say that although there are some disadvantages to using straightener it thus provides with glamorous effect. Moreover youngster are trying to gain a different look all over. It is also important to note that it is boon to those who have got curly and entangling hair. Straight hairs are more convincing when it comes to your personality. Thus we can certainly say….. Go Go straight India!!!


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