Top 10 Foods to avoid for High Cholesterol

: May 5, 2015
foods to avoif for cholesterol

Every one faces some health issues in his or her life. Many of us feel that the reason to these health issues is age but it is not true. Our changing lifestyle can be one of the reasons for these problems. Most of us are following sedentary way of life. This ultimately leads to no body movements at all. Being lazy and avoiding doing exercise also constitutes to one of the health problems. In our daily rush of work we may have junk food. Many a times eating pizzas and oily stuff also contributes to the increase of cholesterol level in the body. But this contribution of cholesterol will be reduced in many ways. Now let us first have a look at what cholesterol actually is or means.

What Is LDL Cholesterol?

Cholesterol is bad for health. Your body cells require cholesterol as they are very essential. Cholesterol is made by liver and some of its contribution comes from diet. Cholesterol is waxy and blood cannot dissolve it. They flow with proteins. LDL cholesterol deposit on artery walls. This problem may arise due to improper eating habits from childhood.
The white blood cells try to digest the LDL and oxidize them. Many number of white blood and other cells migrate in the artery wall. It makes plaque in the body's cells and debris. The process slowly blocks the artery. This can lead to greater risk of heart attacks and pain in the chest.


1.Red Meat:

Red meat
Red meat contain many saturated fats. The content of LDL is more in red meat than the other meats. These saturated fats will lead to deposition in your arteries. This deposition is mostly called as plaque. This deposition mainly occurs as the blood does not absorb this low density lipoprotein. Plaque harden your arteries and restrict the flow of blood. This restricted flow of blood exerts pressure on your heart. Thus this will weaken your heart. This may also result in worst conditions. It also add up to risk of heart attack.
Ex. Beaf, Pork, Lamb



Butter is fully loaded with saturated fat and cholesterol.  You should apply a low-fat vegetable oil as a substitute for butter. Butter also contain hydrogenated oil in them. Butter is mostly added in most of our food. The contribution of butter is mainly seen in sandwiches and parathas. You should stop eating them. As much as you eat them the level of cholesterol level in your body will increase. Butter comes to its liquid form when it is heated. It is waxy at normal temperature. Thus it will remain in the same form in our body and add up to the level of cholesterol in our body and damage our body cells.

3.Egg Yolk:

Egg yolk
The most popular food in the world is egg yolk. If you like eating egg either by boiling of frying them, people suffering from cholesterol should avoid egg yolk. Usually doctors have concluded that eating four eggs a day does not cause heart disease. Egg yolk should be avoided for people with higher cholesterol. Egg yolk contributes to increase in the level of cholesterol in the body. You can boil the egg and remove the yellow part of it. The white part can be eaten. This white part will not cause and cholesterol problems.

4.Ice Cream:

Ice cream
Ice creams is a favorite thing among all of us. You may feel sad to avoid the ice cream. Saturated fats are also friends of ice-cream. The risk of cholesterol stroke is high if you eat ice-cream. As they harden your arteries. The reason for the hardening of arteries is plaque deposition. This will restrict the blood flow towards the heart. Thus you should completely avoid eating ice-cream if you are suffering from cholesterol.


Cheese is a dairy product that most of human being love. Cheese contributes to the ‘bad’ fats in our body. Cheese has saturated fats present in them. Most of us consume cheese in pizzas and pastas but avoiding this will keep you healthy. Cheese is tasty to eat but the presence of fats in it will not allow it to easily flow in the body. The blood will neither absorb the cheese. The result of this is nothing more than the deposition of these fats in the arteries. They cause severe damage to the body and the heart.

6.French Fries:

French fries
The most popular snacks in this world is French Fries or Finger chips. Vegetable oil is used for making French fries. This oil is partially hydrogenated. French fries taste good and tasty but contribute to Trans-fat and cholesterol. The trans-fats will damage the arteries and saturate themselves. Thus making the arteries harder. You can eat them by shallow frying once a month. This is only allowed if you have a strong desire to eat them. People who are having low cholesterol diet should strictly avoid French fries.

7. Hamburgers:

Hamburgers are a junk food that all the people like very much. Usually hamburgers prepared using partially hydrogenated oil. Burgers are made up of onions, red meat patties and cheese. Thus they lead to LDL. So avoid eating them. You can add eat hamburgers by avoiding the cheese in them. Also you can add up patties without the red meat or chicken without skin. You can add up carrot, beet and potato patties instead of them. Thus your desire will be full filled and will not lead to risk of cholesterol in body.

8.Whole Milk:

Dairy products such as cheese, butter are high in saturated fats. This whole milk has high cholesterol as it is main ingredient of dairy products. The risk of cholesterol reduces with less whole milk consumption. Whole milk has all the waxy substances present in it. Ghee, butter, cheese and more are made up of whole milk. Thus avoiding whole milk is the best option to reduce the cholesterol level in body.

9.Commercial Baked Goods:

Bakery products
Most of people enjoy eating cupcakes and bakery goods. They are baked using partially hydrogenated oil. The use of these oils help out in preserving the baked goods. These baked goods add up to the trans-fats and saturated fats in your body. These trans-fats and oils builds up cholesterol in body. This will further cause damage to the body cells and heart. This will gradually lead to the risk of health ailments.

10.Sea food:

Sea food
Sea food is highly salty. Salt acts as a catalyst in raising the cholesterol. To avoid the risk of cholesterol you should avoid the sea food consumption. The trans-fat and saturated oils in the fish can increase the risk of cholesterol. If consumed in control they will not cause any harm. Most of us like eating fried fish. The fried fish are fully of oil and they increase the level of cholesterol in the body. Thus causing harm to the body to greater extent.

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