Causes of Arthritis

: May 28, 2015

Men and women irrespective of age can face the problem of arthritis. This disease, which involves the inflammation of joints, is usually accompanied with pain, which is known as arthralgia. Arthritis can be cured provided it has not taken a severe form but the infuriating part is the pain and the discomfort that it brings along with it.
The causes of arthritis will depend on the type of arthritis. There are around 100 recognized types of arthritis .The most important among them are listed below:
Types of arthritis
1. Osteoarthritis:
Any damage to the cartilage which forms a protective layer around the joints of the bone results in osteoarthritis. The flexibility of the cartilage is lost and there is severe pain. If the bones rub against each other then severity of the pain will be much more.
2. Rheumatoid Arthritis:
Rheumatoid arthritis is a form of arthritis which mainly affects the old age women. Here the synovial fluid gets damaged and causes pain.If not treated in time it can lead to deformity.It is an autoimmune disease
3. Infectious Arthritis
Microbial infection which spreads through the blood stream and reaches the joint causes this type of arthritis.
4. Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis (JRA):
It is seen in children and can affect four or more joints depending on the seriousness of the arthritis. In some cases it may even affect some of the vital organs which can prove to be dangerous.
5. Psoriatic Arthritis:
Psoriasis patients can get this type of arthritis.
6. Gout:
Painful arthritis due to large amount of uric acid in the body
In addition to the type of arthritis it is important to understand the function of the joint to get a better grip on the cause of arthritis.
The meeting point of two bones in the body is joint and the bones are held together by ligaments which keep the bones in place. The surface of the bones is covered by cartilage which prevents the direct friction between bones and facilitates the smooth and painless working of joints. Inside the joint cavity is the synovial membrane which secrets the synoviual fluid which nurtures the joints and the cartilage.
When there is problem with the joints the person is said to suffer from arthritis and the underlying problem will depend on the type of arthritis that the person has.
The factors that result in arthritis are:
  • The genes of a person may result in arthritis. Arthritis is in the family of the person.
  • A laborious job which involves repetitive physical movements
  • An old injury can become a triggering factor
  • Some allergies and infections can result in arthritis
  • Autoimmunity can cause arthritis
  • Certain foods can cause arthritis or can make the condition worst
  • Obese people are more susceptible to arthritis as the extra weight put the joints under strain.
A single factor or a combination of several factors can result in arthritis. There could either be an instance of the wear and tear of cartilage, or lack of synovial fluids etc.

These will depend on the severity of the arthritis. In rheumatoid arthritis severe conditions will affect the organs like, kidney, lungs, and eyes. Chronic inflammation can result in difficulty in movement. At times the movement of the joints becomes impossible and it can even lead to permanent deformity.
If attacked by arthritis it is best to seek medical advice. People with arthritis should avoid a sedentary lifestyle. They should be more active to lead a healthy and better life.


Sarjita Pradhan

Sarjita Pradhan

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