Can Apple Cider Vinegar Cure Skin Tags

: June 5, 2015
skin tags and apple cider vinegar

Everyone faces the problem of skin tags but there are some people who are more susceptible to skin tag formation. Mainly obese people, diabetics, middle-aged people, pregnant women are more prone to skin tags. It may be as a result of genetics as well. Prohibited steroids can also cause skin tags.
In some cases the skin tags fall off on their own while in some cases treatment will be required. The regular kitchen ingredient apple cider vinegar can be used in removal of skin tags. This is a very popular method.

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Skin tags are miniature flaps of skin which are non malignant and non cancerous. They do not cause any harm but are not very pleasant to the eye especially if they are on any visible part of the body like face. They can also appear on the eyelids, groin, under the breasts and even armpits basically any portion where there is friction between the skins. Skin tags are also called as acrochordon. These skin tags contain in the centre fibers, fat cells and nerve cells and are covered by epidermis.

Action of apple cider vinegar on skin tags:

Apple cider vinegar removes the skin tag with hardly any pain and irritation and hence it is widely used. The acidic property of apple cider vinegar destroys the tissue of the skin tag. But the best part is that it does not harm the skin surrounding the skin tag. However one word of caution. Always use 100 % pure organic apple cider vinegar. Do not use cheap quality apple cider vinegar.


  • Clean the portion of the skin having the skin tag using clean tepid water and mild soap
  • Dry with a clean cloth
  • Dip a sterilized medicated cotton ball in pure organic apple cider vinegar
  • Place it on the skin tag
  • Cover with a bandage
  • Leave it overnight
  • Remove the bandage and the cotton in the morning
  • Clean with water
  • Repeat the procedure daily till the skin tag dries and falls.
When you apply the apple cider vinegar to the skin for the first time the acidic nature of the apple cider vinegar may cause slight irritation and burning sensation. Also when the apple cider vinegar is applied for the first time the tag may look discolored but the tag will fall off after repeated use of the liquid continuously for few days. However if you are allergic to apple cider vinegar then it is best to avoid its use and consult a doctor for the removal of the skin tag. Also if the burning sensation persists then stop using the apple cider vinegar and consult a doctor.So if you are suffering from the unsightly lesions and blemishes called skin tags then cure is just round your kitchen.


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