Tired of Blackheads on Chin? Read This!

: May 4, 2015
chin blackheads
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It is noticed that 70% of population is facing from skin disorders. This has now become a common issue. Generally chin blackhead annoy most of us, as they ruin the overall beauty of our skin tone. Most of them try to hide them with makeup. But the makeup clogs the skin pores and will result in more blackheads.

Now let’s find out what actually the blackheads are:

chin blackheads removal
Blackheads are small bumps that are seen on the chin area. Blackheads are a start of getting pimples on your face. The typical cause of black heads is over production of oil in the body.
The cause of blackheads is generally due to physical changes that occur in our body. After the onset of puberty people generally develop acne and blackheads. Overstimulation of certain hormones in the sebaceous glands overproduce the sebum.
Sebum does the job of lubricating the hair and skin and is drained out of the skin pores. At times the sebum blocks the skin pores and bacteria gets accumulated. If the bacteria and sebum have no opening to the skin surface then it results in the formation of a white head. .Sebum has the presence of melanin in it. It is the same substance that gives skin its color. The reason behind the blackheads to be dark in color is the presence of the pigment melanin in sebum. Their dark color does not mean that they are dirty.
Following are some reason why people get blackheads:

1. Oily Skin:

Oily skin
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Blackheads are seen in all skin types, but they mostly occur when people have oily skin

2. Spiky Hormone:

High levels of DHT (dihydrotestosterone) is the result of spikes in hormone production. This triggers over activity in the oil glands and thus may result in clogged pores.

3. Make Up:

Most of the people feel makeup might refrain blackheads, but it is not true. The over use of foundation, sun screens, moisturizers, and makeup irritate your skin and clog the skin pore thus resulting in blackheads.

4. Unclean Skin:

Skin with surface pores blocked with dirt will emerge in blackheads. Although this happens very rarely but is one of the reasons so skin hygiene must be maintained

Blackheads can be cured or refrained by proper remedial measures.

Following are some measures that will prevent you from blackheads.

5.Cleaning Skin:

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Wash your face with a gentle face wash twice a day. This will remove the excess oil over your skin and help in prevent the surface pore blockage.

6. Medication:

You can consult to a doctor and take some medicines over them if your problem is severe or else if you have very sensitive skin. Most of the people try to avoid blackheads with the help of contraceptive pills.

7.Home Remedies.

1. ICE:

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You can apply ice on the skin surface. This will close the skin pores. This is an easy step you can do as ice is easily available to us at home.

2. ALOE:

Aloe vera
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Aloe pulp is also one of the best medicines on your skin. If you apply Aloe pulp on your skin this will refrain blackheads and bacteria growth on your skin. This remedy is easily available and safest among all.


Do not scrub your blackheads with scrub this will result in more number of blackheads and that too bigger in size. Scrubbing will damage your skin to a larger extent.

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