Benefits of Breathing Exercises

: June 5, 2015
breathing excercise
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We are willing to go to any extent for physical and mental well being; even if one has to shell out large bucks for it but still there is no assurance that you will reap the benefit of the medicines and so called energy boosting pills. There is a simple weapon, which is god’s gift to mankind which can assure of overall wellness and that is breathing. Yes it is true if you can control your breathing your body can get several benefits. You might say that we inhale and exhale every moment; but that is not enough. You have to master the art of controlled deep breathing by making use of breathing exercises

Advantages of breathing exercises:

There are several advantages of breathing exercises; a few of these are as follows:
1. Relaxation of muscles
2. Oxygen supply to the cells improves which in turn improves the functioning of the different parts of the body
3. The relaxation of muscles results in expansion of blood vessels and this helps in keeping the blood pressure normal
4. Stimulates the release of endorphins which gives relief from pain
5. The functioning of the lymphatic system improves which results in removal of toxins from our body much more thus resulting in proper cleansing of the body
6. Improves the functioning of the nervous system and the digestive system
7. Helps in weight loss
8. Improves emotional and mental well being.
The breathing exercises practiced since ancient times are known as “Pranayam”. The different pranayam breathing exercises that you can practice are as follows:

1. Equal Breathing/Sama Vritti:


Equal Breathing 
This is the most simple pranayam exercise, which can be done anywhere anytime.

  • Inhale slowly to the count of 4 through the nose

  • Now exhale slowly to the count of 4 through the nose

  • As you perfect this basic pranayam you can increase the count to 6

This exercise increases focus, it has a soothing effect on the nervous system and helps overcome stress. It can be performed anywhere but it is best to do it before going to bed especially if you have trouble in sleeping.

2. Abdominal Breathing:

For those who lead a very stressful life this simple exercise does wonders for them
  • Keep one hand on the chest and one on the stomach
  • Take a deep breathe through the nose
  • Make sure that the diaphragm with enough air but not the chest
  • Try to take at least 6 deep breathes per minute for 10 minutes each day to see the results
It reduces the heart rate and controls blood pressure.

3. Alternate nostril breathing/Anulom Vilom Pranayama:

Anulom Viloma Pranayam
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This pranayam is said to clear and purify the energy channels.”Nadi Shodhana Pranayam”is the other name for this exercise
  • Sit in a easy pose
  • Close the right nostril with the right thumb
  • Inhale slowly, deeply through the left nostril till your lungs are filled with air
  • Now close the left nostril with the ring finger
  • Let go the right nostril and exhale through the right nostril.
  • Now take in air through the right nostril and release it through the left nostril after closing the right nostril with the right thumb
  • This completes one round of Anulom Vilom Pranayama
  • Begin with 5 rounds then steadily increase the rounds
It improves focus and energizes the body and is also said to be useful against obesity

4. Skull Shining Breath/Kapalbhati:

This also improves focus and energizes the brain.
  • Slowly inhale through the nose
  • Quickly exhale out through the nose
  • Exhaling should take less time than the inhaling
  • Repeat this for 10 minutes

5. Bee Breath/Brahmari Pranayam:

Very useful for energizing the body and mind
  • Close your eyes
  • Place thumb in your ears
  • Place the index finger above the eyebrows
  • The next two fingers on the side of the nose and the little fingers near the nostrils
  • Inhale slowly
  • Close the nostrils partially with the little fingers
  • Exhale through the nose with a humming sound from the throat and not from the partially closed nostrils.
  • Repeat three times

6. Chanting Breath/Udgeeth Pranayam:

This also helps improve focus
  • Inhale slowly through the nose
  • Exhale through the nose and simultaneously chant “Om”
  • Remember that the “O” should be long and the “M” should be short (OOOOOOOM)
  • Repeat three times
Breathing exercises can help a great deal in mental and physical well being; but it is best to learn it from a pranayam expert.


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