Impressive Beet Juice to Control High Blood Pressure

: May 4, 2015

An extremely common health issue these days is blood pressure. Blood pressure can be managed through natural means easily than the costly medicine that the doctors recommend. One of the natural ingredient that is best to control blood pressure is beet root.

Let us see some properties of beet:

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Beets are a high source of nitrate. After you consume beet the body turns the nitrate of beet into nitric oxide. Nitric oxide help in relaxing your blood vessels and smooth themThis will help you in keeping your arteries dilated properly. Anti-platelet effect of nitric oxide also prevent blood from getting thick and clotting.

Following are some ways in which you can consume beet.

  • Consuming beet juice is a best option. Start having beet juice from a few ounces and the gradually increase it to about a cup. People who consume beet juice will see that their blood pressure back to normal within 24 hours.
  • You can make beet juice by taking three to four ounces and an equal amount of carrot juice and blend together. Amount of beet juice can be increased slowly as compared to carrot juice.
  • Raw beets can be consumed as salad while you have your meals. They are very beneficial when consumed raw as they also add as a source of fiber.
  • Cooked beets also benefit you. Beets even if cooked retain their level of nitrate. Beets are pretty good option for lowering your blood pressure that medications.

Try out this recipe of beet juice

  • Ingredients:

    Take unsweetened carrot juice about ½ cup, ¼  cup( blueberries raw, beet that is grated and peeled, apple sauce and almonds), lemon juice ½ spoon and 2 to 3 ice cubes
       Blend it through the blender and the juice is ready to serve one.


  • Radishes
  • Lettuce
  • Mustard greens
  • Spinach
  • Chinese cabbage
  • Regular cabbage
  • Eggplant
  • Potatoes
  • String beans
  • Carrots

Make use of this blood pressure–lowering diet daily.

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