Ayurveda for oily skin

: July 19, 2015
Oily skin
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​Ayurveda is holistic approach to life which ensures healing and strengthening life. It controls and manages health via use of herbal medicines and planned diet. It helps skin look strong and young forever. Ayurveda has been boon from Indian history to get rejuvenating skin and health. The remedies to every problem has been written in Ayurveda books since earlier times. It’s a treasure for all of us who needs to refer to allopathic medicines time to time to cure acnes and other skin problems. Oily skin can be cured fantastically relying on some of the tricks of Ayurveda. Let us see how ayurvedic herbs work of our oily skin!!


Ayurvedic remedies for oily skin:

1. Cleansing with milk:

Wash with milk
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Wash your face with cotton ball soaked in the milk twice a day. If twice a day is not possible at least while going to sleep. For more concentrated solution all a bit of lemon juice to milk.
Orange squeeze to help oily skin
Orange contains vitamin C which nourishes skin and help reduce excessive oil. Squeeze half of the orange in a bowl and apply on skin with the help of a cotton ball.

2. Sandal miracle over skin:

Sandal powder with turmeric
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Make a fine paste of sandal and turmeric. Both are known for reducing oiliness and adding glow to the skin. Apply this paste evenly on skin. Once the paste dries wash it off clearly.

3. Aloe vera gel to improve skin:

Aloe vera gel
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Aloe Vera serves probably the best face wash for the skin. You can plant it in a pot at your home. Peel it off and you will get a gel like substance. Mash it with your fingers apply to your skin. Let it dry and then wash away.

4. Water as a cleanser:

Take a lukewarm water. Dip a swab of cotton ball and clean your skin with it. Clean it properly especially ‘T’ portion of the face. It will remove all dirt and reduce oil. Later take an ice cube and apply it to skin. This will close all the pores.

5. Neem to clean up skin:

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Boil Neem leaves in the lukewarm water. Dip cotton ball in the infusion and apply it on the skin. It can be applied on oily scalp as well. No need to wash away infusion. If it is too strong you can just wipe it off with the lukewarm water.

6. Tea bag solution for clean ‘T’ zone:

Tea bags
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Used tea bag can be dabbed on your face especially ‘T’ zone. It helps to reduce blemishes. It also reduces oil and helps build up texture of the skin.

7. Full earth to rescue you from blemishes:

Multani mitti
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You can mix up Multani mitti/ fuller earth with turmeric. Lemon juice and honey. Put this paste on your face. It not only cleans your skin but also improves its texture and helps oil build up.

8. Honey for toning your skin:

Honey and eggs
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Honey mixed up with egg yolk makes best face pack and remedy for oily skin. Apply the solution to the skin for ten minutes. After ten minutes wash away the solution. You will find clear and smooth skin.

9. Apply crush to soothe your oily skin:

Apple crush
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Place thin pieces or crush of apple on your skin for fifteen minutes. It nourishes skin and removes excess oil from the skin.

10. Herbal face pack:

Herbal Mixture of fresh mint leaves, gram flour, lime juice and papaya pulp will make a perfect face pack for the oily skin. Apply it on skin and wash away with lukewarm water.

11. Mud face pack:

Try using mud face pack which will help absorb excessive oil from your skin and help you get glowing skin.

12. Tomato squeeze for skin:
Tomato squeez

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Cut a tomato into half. Apply its juice to skin for fifteen minutes. Let it dry then clean your skin with the water. Pat your skin and apply oil free moisturizer. You can also use face mask of tomato and a table spoon of honey.

13. Cucumber face pack:

Cucumber face pack
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Apply juice of cucumber to your skin. Leave it overnight and then wash it in the morning. Cucumber acts as astringent and oil observer. You can also use mask of fuller earth and the cucumber paste.

14. Scrub for oily skin:

Oatmeal and honey
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Oatmeal and aloe vera scrub works best on the oily skin.

Oily skin is the problem for every women who wants to leave her blemishes and become beautiful. Dealing with the excessive oil is troublesome task. But I’m sure these remedies and tips will gift you with trouble free skin. It will also help you get glowing skin which will give you impressionable identity. It will boost your confidence and bless you with healthy skin. Indeed we are lucky to have born in country gifted with knowledge of Ayurveda!


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