Top 5 Tips to Find the Right Moisturizer

: April 30, 2015
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Soft, supple and radiant skin is every woman’s dream. To maintain perfect and beautiful skin we need to pamper our skin everyday. Cleansing, toning and moisturizing is a must for skin. Moisturizer has to be suitable for the type of skin you have and that is where the entire problem begins. Most of the time we end up using moisturizers that are not compatible for our skin which may harm our skin.

There are five skin types:

  1. Normal
  2. Oily
  3. Dry
  4. Combination
  5. Sensitive

Identifying the skin types:

The skin type can be determined using the tissue paper test on T zone
Once you know the skin type you can pamper your skin accordingly.
We can know our skin type by a simple tissue paper test which is as follows:
  1. Clean your face with a mild cleanser.
  2. Dry skin gently with a towel.
  3. Leave it for sometime as it is.
  4. Take a tissue paper and check the T zone that is the area of forehead and nose.
  • If the tissue paper is oily then you have oily skin .For oily skin you need to keep the oil production under control.
  • No oil on the T zone and skin is stretchy and flaky. This is dry skin type and needs to be moisturized all the time.
  • The T zone may be oily but cheeks are dry. This combination skin type.
  • There is no oil on skin neither any flakiness and the skin is smooth. This is normal skin.
  • There is one more skin type that is sensitive skin wherein the skin gets irritated with soaps, weather changes.
Once you know the skin type the choice of moisturizers becomes easy.

1. Moisturizer for oily skin:

Oily skin
Oily skin is characterized with large pores and a shine develops as soon as one cleans the skin. Use an oil free moisturizer which has water base which hydrates the skin, moisturizes it and also maintains the oil levels in control.

2. Moisturizer for dry skin:

Dry skin
Dry skin is flaky with itchiness and tightness. The best moisturizer for dry skin will be the one that replenishes the need for natural oil and keeps the skin moisturized and has a soothing effect on the skin.

3. Moisturizer for normal skin:

Normal skin has smooth skin quality with no flaking or oily appearance. Use a moisturizer which is gel based and keeps the skin hydrated.

4. Moisturizer for sensitive skin:

Sensitive skin is susceptible to irritation and allergies due to chemical products. It is also prone to acne. Use a mild moisturizer which is preferable chemical free.

5. Moisturizer for Combination Skin:

In this case the T zone may be oily but cheeks are dry. It is difficult to choose the correct moisturizer for combination skin type as it has qualities of both dry and oily skin and women get confused about the skin type and end up using wrong moisturizers. Choose an oil free moisturizer which has water base which hydrates the skin, moisturizes it and also maintains the oil levels in control. Gel bases moisturizers are a good option as they do clog the pores. Do not use moisturizers that are used against acne as they will make the drier regions drier.

Points to remember when choosing skin moisturizers:

  • Use moisturizer that is compatible with your skin type.
  • Use SPF 15 based moisturizers when venturing out in the sun in order to prevent any damage to skin due to the harmful rays of the sun.
  • Refrain from using moisturizers that have SPF15 at night as it leads to clogging of pores.
  • When selecting a moisturizer make sure that the ingredients used hydrate the skin and balance the oil levels of the skin
  • Refrain from using moisturizers that are perfumed as it can lead to skin allergies.
Pamper your skin with the right moisturizer and see the wonders that it works for your skin. You will surely get a smooth ,glowing and healthy skin that you are proud of.


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