DIY - Natural Egg Masks for Hair Loss Rescue

: April 27, 2015
Hair Loss
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One of the most common hair problems that one faces today irrespective of age and gender is hair loss.
Reasons for hair fall are numerous like improper diet which results in a lack of essential nutrients, pregnancy, unhealthy life style, emotional distress, depression, hormonal imbalance, thyroid etc.
Chemical products like serums, lotions are available in the market but these methods can be expensive and prolonged use of chemicals can cause further damage to the hair. Therefore the use of home remedies to prevent hair loss is both cheap and without harmful side effects.
The best home remedy for hair loss is Egg Mask. There are many benefits of eggs for our hair.

Egg Mask for Hair Fall
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Egg Mask and its Benefits:

Eggs have been used in hair treatment since many years. Both egg white and egg yolk are beneficial for hair treatment as they are a rich source of proteins and vitamins (except vitamin C).

Egg White:

Egg whites contain a large amount of proteins which makes the hair follicles stronger. It also contains folic acid and Vitamin B9 which helps in hair growth.

Egg yolk for hair fall
Egg Yolk:

Egg yolk contains the following nutrients which are beneficial for hair:

  • Fatty Acids which improve the skin of the scalp prevents hair breakage and makes hair smooth and shiny

  • Fatty protein Lecithin which prevents the hair from becoming brittle.

  • Vitamin A helps produce sebum and prevents dandruff.

  • Vitamin D is naturally present in egg yolk which helps improve the texture of hair. It should be noted that egg is one of the very few food products in which Vitamin D is naturally present.

  • Vitamin E protects hair against UV rays and pollution

  • Different groups of Vitamin B which increase oxygen supply to the hair and improve blood circulation.

Eggs are also a very good source of minerals like sulphur, iron ,calcium, iodine etc which facilitates the strengthening of hair.

Methods to prepare egg mask at home:

Listed below are some simple methods of preparing egg mask at home:

1. Egg and Olive oil:

Olive oil
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Mix egg with few tablespoons of olive oil and mix it well. Apply this mixture and leave it for half an hour. Shampoo hair with cold water.
This mask makes the hair soft and manageable

2. Egg, olive oil and honey:

Egg honey for hair fall

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Mix egg yolk with three tablespoons of olive oil and three tablespoons of honey and massage into scalp and hair. After half an hour wash with cold water .This mask revitalizes the hair and makes it smooth.

3. Egg and lime juice:

Lemon juice and egg
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Mix egg yolk and lime juice and beat it for about a minute till it forms a mixture .Apply this to the hair and scalp for 15 minutes and then wash with cold water.

4. Other packs:

Besides the above methods, one can also use a mixture of almonds, egg yolk, and honey for one and half hours.
Also the use egg yolk and curd mask gives good results.

An important thing to be kept in mind while using egg packs is that while rinsing the pack cold water should be used .The use of warm water will result in curdling of the egg and it will stick to the hair.
To reap the benefits of egg therapy, it should be followed at least once a week.
These white shells encompassing yellow sunshine is a super food for your body and hair. They give new life to your hair and fulfill your dream of long beautiful hair.

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