8 tips to prevent and cure Arthritis

: June 29, 2015
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We have seen elderly people around us complaining about their pain observed in joints. It is now-a-days observed in younger people too. Young generations are more bothered to warm up their seat in one place while the elder generation has put in efforts to work harder and earn their living.Working hard and excess physical activity results in swelling of bones which in turn brings stiffness and pain in joints. Sitting idle and less of physical activity can also bring rigidity to joints. Obesity is also one of the reasons in younger generation that causes stress on joints. This medical condition of joints is called Arthritis.

Arthritis is nothing but the inflammation caused on the synovial membrane of joints. It brings stiffness and pain to the joints hampering its flexibility and mobility. Arthritis is generally observed in humans above 55 years of age. It affects both men as well as woman. There are about 100 types of arthritis. Out of them two types are of most importance -Osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. Osteoarthritis affects hands, knee and hips whereas rheumatoid arthritis affects hands and wrists.
Here are few tips to prevent and cure arthritis.Living with Arthritis pain cannot be a tough charge if you recommend these points to yourself.

1.Physical activity:

Morning walk for arthritis
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Keep yourself busy with physical activities like morning walk, exercises, yoga etc. This helps to decrease pain and avoid stiffness to joints. It also helps to strengthen muscles and increase endurance. Avoid over exercising or hampering yourself with pressure. This can severe your pain. 

2.Balanced diet:

Balanced diet for arthritis
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Have a healthy and balanced diet. Include leafy vegetables, curd, fresh fruits, salads, protein foods in your daily diet. Avoid fat foods instead try low fat foods. A balanced diet helps your digestive system to function properly. 

3.Meditation and Yoga:

Meditation for arthritis
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Practicingyogasana to prevent arthritis. Yogasana like pranayam, shavasana, tadasana, bhujangasana, padmasanaetc can help to reduce pain. Meditation and yoga helps mind to relax and feel fresh. 


Walking 100 steps post lunch or dinner is a good habit to improve digestion. Ayurveda mentions arthritis as a condition caused by accumulation of ama (a toxic by product of improper digestion) and aggravation of vata. Ama circulates though the body and settles down in joints where aggravation by vata is caused leading to arthritis or amavata. Thus digestion should be improved. 

5.Body Massage:

Body message for arthritis
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Massage your body with lukewarm oil preferably sesame or mustard oil. This oil massage helps to relieve acute pain. On the contrary, herbal oils or Ayurvedic oils can also be used. Their effects are more viable to joints. 

Drink plenty fluid

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Fluids keep your body hydrated and also helps to release toxic elements from body. It also removes uric acid from body in excess quantity. Drink atleast 8-10 glasses of water. Also you can consume lemon juice, 

7.Lose weight

Lose weight for arthritis
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Reducing your weight can have great impact on your pain. Extra weight or overweight can exert pressure on joints thus causing more pain. 

8.Herbal remedy

Use of herbs in your regular diet can help to reduce arthritis pain. Also it helps strengthen your bones. Also a mixture of herbs can be used. Guggulu is the best herbal medicine for arthritis. 

For more effective result, you can keep a track of what you are doing and what you’re supposed to do. This will help you to concentrate on your aim to prevent arthritis and its disadvantages.


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