7 Best Ways to Control Hair loss in Summer

: April 28, 2015
Hair loss in summer
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Did you know that summers are a triggering factor for hair loss? Yes don’t be surprised we are prone to hair loss during summer season primarily because the scalp gets oilier and heat and dust only aggravates the problem.The porous nature of the scalp is also a contributing factor.
There are several simple but useful ways which can help one combat the problem of hair loss during the summer season.

1.Oil Massage:

Hair Massage
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Daily Hair massage has been one of the most effective remedy for hair loss. It's really useful to promote hair growth. Warm oil massage improves blood circulation and hence makes the roots stronger. Good circulation is a powerful factor in preventing hair loss. 

How to Massage Scalp?
  • Choose an essential oil suitable to your hair type. e.g. Rosemary oil, peppermint oil.
  • Add few drops of essential oil in your massage oil.
  • Take a small amount of massage oil on to our finger and begin massaging in a circular motion.
  • After the massage is done wrap a warm towel around hair and leave it on for 30 mts.

2. Natural Products:

Natural products
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Listed below are some natural products which reduce hair fall:
  • Coconut milk is enriched with nutrition and keeps hair soft and shiny
  • Extracts from amla have a soothing effect on hair and fights dandruff (Dandruff causes hair fall).
  • Aloe vera juice and wheat grass keeps the scalp moist and is useful against infections and hence strengthens hair.

3. Healthy Diet:

Healthy diet
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Healthy and wholesome diet is a key to fight any health problem even hair fall. Our daily diet must include good amount of leafy vegetables, nuts, milk eggs, legumes in the right quantity in order to have thick long hair.

4. Hydration:

Be hydrated
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Drinking lots of water during summer helps remove the harmful toxins form the body. The hair follicles remain moist and the quality of hair improves.Drink lots of coconut water, fruit juices .Also include food that hydrates the body like cucumber, water melon etc.

5. Protection from sun rays:

Exposure to sun damages hair .Hence it is important to protect hair by using hats and scarf.

6. Homemade hair packs:

Use homemade hair pack
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One can prepare some hair packs at home to reduce hair loss during summer.Most commonly used hair pack is a mixture of cucumber puree, yogurt and lime juice. Apply this pack to the scalp for 20 minutes and then wash hair.This pack cleanses the scalp, reduces dandruff and thus reduces hair fall.

7. Lifestyle:

Avoid the use of hair dryers while drying hair. Let it dry naturally. Also one has a tendency to visits swimming pools, water parks during summer. The water here contains chlorine in large quantities which can damage hair. So always cover it with a swimming cap.
Thus by following few simple steps we can reduce hair fall effectively in summer.


Sarjita Pradhan

Sarjita Pradhan

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