5 Ayurvedic Treatments for fair skin

: May 20, 2015
ayurvedic treatments for fair skin
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The oldest alternate medicine system is Ayurveda. The natural healing for all skin problems and diseases can be treated with help of Ayurveda.  Ayurvedic beauty products are made of fruits, vegetable and natural herbs. The Extracts of these products are very gentle on the hair, skin and do not have any side effects
To have glowing skin is every women’s desire. Especially, face is given more importance as compared to other body parts. Individual has boosting confidence when he has glowing and healthy. The reason behind getting wrinkles and dark spots in people is due to the use of harmful cosmetics. But, variety of Ayurvedic treatment can get you back your beauty without any harm. Glowing skin can be achieved with the natural ingredients found in our surroundings and at our home. A number of face masks can be made at home easily with help of these available substances.
List of Ayurveda packs to get glowing skin

1.Aromatic pack:

Aromatic pack
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This pack is easy to make at home with very little ingredients. Take a small bowl put some lavender oil, gram flour (besan) two teaspoon, turmeric powder a pinch, fresh cream. Now mix and make a pack to let your skin glow.

2. Honey and lemon pack:

Honey and lemon pack
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Honey and lemon are very good source of antioxidants. They also have very good properties of moisturizing. Take some honey and add lemon in it. Apply it now on your face to get a glowing skin

3. Ayurvedic face pack with Sandalwood, Haridra and rose petals:

A good Ayurvedic face pack to improve skin complexion is with sandalwood, turmeric and rose petals. You can take one tea spoonful of sandalwood powder and add 3 pinches of Turmeric Powder in it. Then grind or crush 4-6 rose petals and mix this into the other ingredients. Make a paste of the ingredients with rose water or just the plain water. Apply it on the face evenly and rinse off after 20 minutes with water. This Ayurvedic face pack contains all the useful ingredients that will help to glow your skin. Sandalwood helps the irritated or sun burnt skin, acting as a face pack to get rid of the suntan. Haridra composes of anti-allergic and anti-inflammatory properties which will treat acne if you have. Rose petals will add a rosy glow to the face and lightens the skin. This Ayurvedic face pack should be used at least once a week to get the maximum benefits. These face packs not only shows their long lasting results in making the skin better but also makes sure that there are no side effects unlike the readymade chemical laden products.

4. Pumpkin and fig Face Pack:

Pumpkin and fig
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Figs are good source of antioxidants, vitamins and alpha hydro acids, which help in brightening and exfoliating the skin. Take 2 figs and 2 slices of pumpkin and put few drops of almond oil to it and make a fine paste of it and apply on clean skin.

5 .Ayurvedic face pack with Raktchandan (Red sandalwood) and Manjistha:

Take one spoonful of raktchandan and little amount of manjistha powder. Mix both well with milk or Rose water. Add few of drops of lime juice to enhance the efficiency. Mix well to form a fine paste. Apply this mixture on your clean face. Let it dry for about 20 minutes and then wash it off with cold water. This face pack can be used 2 times a week. Red Sandalwood is well known to cure the allergies of the skin, blemishes and also helps to lighten the skin complexion. It also helps to eliminate the acne causing bacteria. This great herb also keeps the skin problems away by making the skin oil free.

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