20 Natural ways to boost blood circulation

: April 27, 2015
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Poor blood circulation to different parts of the body can be a trigger for several harmful diseases. Hence proper and timely precautionary measures need to be taken to make sure that blood circulation is proper

The causes for bad or poor blood circulation are as follows

  • Formation of a layer of fat on the inner walls of blood vessels results in poor blood flow.
  • Certain diseases like high blood pressure, kidney disorders and varicose veins also result in poor blood circulation.
  • Pregnant women also face the risk of bad blood circulation. This happens when proper nutritional levels are not maintained in the body and the fetus consumes most of the nutrition.
  • Heart defects at the time of birth are a cause of blood circulation issues in infants.
  • Smoking
  • Overweight people are more at a risk of circulatory problems.
  • Sedentary lifestyle

Symptoms of poor blood circulation:

There is a general discomfort that one experiences. Also, one can suffer from headaches, numbness of hands and legs, itching, problems in recollecting things, high cholesterol, hypertension etc.

Home Remedies:

Some home remedies can help in good blood circulation. Listed below are few such tips for healthy blood circulation:

1.Avoid sedentary lifestyle:

It is important to keep your body moving. Opt for simple exercises to improve blood circulation. Doing simple household chores or a walk in the garden can do wonders.

2.Avoid sitting in same position for long :

Most of us end up sitting for long hours in front of our computers. It is important that you take a break or change your position of sitting after definite time intervals. Keep moving after some time gap to facilitate proper flow of blood.

3. Hydrotherapy:

Immersing body alternately in warm and cold water is found to have a positive effect in improving blood circulation. This is called hydrotherapy. The hot water dilates the blood vessels and cold water closes them. This can be done 2 to 3 times in a week. The water temperature should not be very high or a very low.

4. Clothes and Shoes:

Avoid wearing tight clothes and high heels because they can cause hindrance in proper circulation. Style is important but surely not at the cost of your health.

5.Healthy Diet:

Foods to boost blood circulation
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Opt for a healthy diet. Avoid too salt intake because excess salts result in rigidity of the arteries. Avoid too much sugar and fatty substances because their excessive intake makes the blood sticky and blood clots can form. Eat lots of vegetables and fruits and all food that has lots of fiber as it helps in metabolism.

6. Drink plenty of water:

drink Water to improve blood circulation
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Drinking plenty of water not only keeps your body hydrated it also removes toxins from your body. It helps in maintaining proper blood circulation.

7. Massage:

Massage to improve blood circulation
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Massaging with coconut or olive oil helps in removing blood clots and improves circulation. It also dilates the blood vessels and thus improves blood circulation.

8. Refrain from tea and coffee:

Avoid tea or coffee
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Do not consume too much tea and coffee. The caffeine in tea and coffee affects cerebral blood flow.

9. Alcohol and smoking:

Stop alcohol and smoking
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Avoid alcohol and smoking

10. Tomatoes:

Tomatoes to improve blood circulation
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Increase the intake of tomatoes as they contain lycopene which prevents the formation of a layer of fat on the blood vessels. The yellow fluid around the seeds of tomatoes consists an anti clotting properties which does not allow the blood platelets to stick together and hence prevents thickening of the blood.

11. Almonds and Cashew Nuts:

Almonds to improve blood circulation
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Chew few almonds and cashew nuts everyday. Almonds and cashew nuts help in dilation of blood vessels also they contain Vitamin B3 which improves blood circulation. 

12. Garlic:

Garlic to boost blood circulation
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Garlic is known to increase the production of hydrogen sulfide which in turn improves blood circulation. It also increases good cholesterol in the body. So increase consumption of garlic.

13. Ginger:

Ginger blood circulation
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Ginger decreases the bad cholesterol. It is a potent clog busting food which does not allow the blood platelets to stick together and thus improves circulation.

14. Green tea:

Green tea
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It has antioxidants which is good for the blood vessels. It also reduces bad cholesterol.

15. Onion:

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Onion contains allicin which improves blood circulation. It is a diuretic and hence helps in reducing any swelling due to circulatory issues.

16. Cayenne pepper:

Red chili powder
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Cayenne pepper or our humble red mirch powder dilates the blood vessels helps in pumping of blood, also does not allow the blood platelets from accumulating and thus improves blood circulation

17. Ginkgo:

Ginkgo is a herb which is available in ayurvedic stores. It dilates the blood vessels helps in pumping of blood, also does not allow the blood platelets from accumulating and thus improves blood circulation

18. Guggul:

Guggul is a resin from the guggul tree and is available in ayurvedic stores. It reduces the accumulation of platelets, reduces the formation of blood clots and deposition of the fatty layer on the walls of blood vessels and hence improves blood circulation. It is better to sought medical advice before using guggul

19. Hawthorne

Hawthorne is called nagphani in India and is used in improving blood circulation. It is better to seek medical advice before using it.

20. Rosemary herb:

Rosemary herb
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Rosemary herb has several antioxidants and anti inflammatory properties which increase an immunity of the body and improve blood circulation. This is available in several departmental stores and can be used in cooking.
Thus by following a few simple home based tips you can improve blood circulation but it is important that you seek medical guidance in blood circulation problems because poor circulation can lead to cardiovascular problems.


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