15 Effective Home Remedies for Acidity

: April 28, 2015
Natural remedies for acid reflux
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Acidity is a common ailment which can attack us anywhere. It is a universal problem which all of us face in our day today lives. The general feeling of discomfort that we experience makes it even more irksome


As we all know acids produced in the stomach are essential for digestion of food, but sometimes this acid is produced in excess which results in discomfort in form of gases, burning sensation in stomach and chest etc.

Causes of Acidity:

  • Consumption of oily very spicy food is one of the common causes of acidity.
  • Unhealthy lifestyle, erratic work schedules which in turn affects eating habits, remaining empty stomach for prolonged hours; stress etc can also contribute towards acidity.


  • Gases in the stomach.
  • Burning sensation in stomach and chest
  • Heartburn
  • Nausea
  • In severe cases, acidity may lead to the formation of ulcers in the stomach and intestine.

Home remedies for Acidity:

Few simple changes in our lifestyle and eating habits can go a long way in combating acidity. Let us go through some effective home remedies for controlling acidity.

1. Food Habits:

spicy food Acidity
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Avoid oily, fried and spicy food. These types of food result in more acid secretion which in turn results in acidity.
Also the quantity that you eat can matter. Eating large quantities of food at one go result’s in more acid production which in turn causes acidity. Instead consume small quantity at regular intervals to make digestion of food easy and to avoid acidity.

2. Exercise:

Exercise Acidity
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Regular walks and yogasanas help improve digestion. Also exercise helps to control weight and is thus useful in controlling acidity. 

3. Sleep :

Acidity Sleeping
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Stress is one of the contributing factors for acidity. One way of getting relief from stress is to have sufficient sleep which in turn reduces tiredness and stress and helps control acidity.

4. Banana:

Banana Acidity
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Banana has potassium which gives relief form acidity and heartburn. It also gives relief from constipation. Eating banana also reduces the risk of ulcer formation.

5. Milk:

Drink milk
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Drinking cold milk gives relief from acidity because the calcium present in it absorbs the excess acids in the stomach. Milk being a good source of protein helps heal and strengthen the digestive tract. Low-fat Milk or skim milk are the best to have if you are suffering from persistent heartburn, as food with a high amount of fat often increases the acid reflux.

6. Almonds:

almonds acidity
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Acidity means that the ph levels are low. Hence, an alkaline product will help restore the ph levels back to normal. The alkaline nature of almonds comes handy here. Consuming 4 to 5 almonds after meals is useful in controlling acidity.


Ginger Acidity
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Eating ginger or sipping ginger juice mixed with honey increases mucous secretion in stomach and hence controls acidity.

8.Aloe Vera:

Aloe Vera Acidity
Drinking pure aloe vera juice gives relief from acidity. It's healing nature gives a soothing effect. It also protects the stomach from acids by forming a coating.


Fennel Seeds Acidity
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Fennel too has healing properties and protects the inner lining of the stomach. It not only controls acidity but also helps in constipation. Fennel increases the rate of digestion

10.Mint leaves:

Mint Leaves Acidity
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Mint leaves have soothing effect. They control acidity and heart burn. For best results chew fresh mint leaves.

11. Cardamom :
Cardamom acidity

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The cooling properties of cardamom help in relieving heartburn and acidity. They have a cooling effect on the stomach. Also cardamom is known to protect the inner lining of the stomach.Cardamom along with the goodness of milk can work wonders for acidity.

12. Apple:

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Apple controls the acid production in the stomach and also gives relief from burning sensation caused be acidity.

13. Buttermilk:

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Having a glass of buttermilk is known to give relief from acidity. The lactobacillus bacteria present in it helps control acidity.

14.Refrain from citrus fruits:

If you have been complaining about acidity regularly then it is best to avoid citrus fruits because the acids present in these fruits will make the condition worst.

15.Baking Soda:

Baking soda
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Mix baking soda in water and once the fizz goes off drink it. It may provide some relief from acidity.
Remember that acidity can be controlled provided we make some changes in our lifestyle, eat right and keep stress at bay to have an acidity free life.


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