10 Steps to prevent diabetes

: May 4, 2015

Diabetes is a condition in which the body fails to enough insulin. Diabetes may also occur if insulin that body makes is not properly utilized. The cells of our body depend on sugar and glucose for the most of the energy it requires. That is why the sugar level in the body should not get too high or too low.
When you have your meal, the digestible carbohydrates get converted to glucose. Thus the glucose is rapidly absorbed into the bloodstream. When there is a rise in blood sugar level, it signals the pancreas to make and release insulin. The hormone instructs the body cells to sponge up or absorb glucose. If it does not do so then the glucose will float around in the bloodstream.
Diabetes affects your eyes, heart, kidneys. Diabetes lower down the wound healing and if you get cut it does not stop blood flow. It also affects your brain by clotting the blood. 
Symptoms of diabetes are always being hungry and thirsty and urinating frequently

Following are the preventive measures against diabetes:

1. Fresh vegetables:

Fresh vegetables
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Iron, potassium, zinc, calcium and nutrients are obtained from fresh vegetables. Our overall nerve and cardiovascular health is controlled by these fresh vegetables. These nutrients allow our body to make insulin and fight back or control diabetes. This is an easy prevention method. You can include broccoli in your daily diet. Corn may be included in your diet by just boiling them. You can add in you vegetable. They will add a very good taste to it. Sprouted Brussels are very good intake to control diabetes. Green peas also control your diabetes. But they should be consumed moderately.

2.White flour:

Diabetes is a condition of body where it loses the ability of assimilating complex carbohydrates. Actually this causes a rapid deposition of sugar in blood. Avoiding complex carbohydrates will keep your insulin produced unaffected.

TIP: Do not eat white rice, rice-puffs, white flour, pasta and pop-corn so as to control the blood-sugar level.

3. Fibrous Diet:

A diet that is highly rich in fiber controls your blood-sugar level effectively. Fiber has the tendency to absorb the blood sugar and allow secretion of insulin for normalization of diabetes. Fiber also refrains the sugar level after meals. It also makes you feel less hungry. You should consume whole-grain and multi-grain products. This will load your body with fiber. You can eat sweet potatoes in your diet they will add fiber in your diet. They also lower down your blood sugar level. To include skinny fruits in your diet will also help you. You should eat pear it contributes to fiber content in your diet. You can also eat dried figs s they are also a good source of fiber.

4. Sugar:

Consuming sugar to a moderate level will control your blood-sugar level. However, excess consumption of sugar will restrict insulin production and thus result in diabetes. Sugar will damage your body strongly. You will faint if you completely avoid sugar in your diet. Thus, you should completely avoid and prevent yourself from diabetes.

5. Trans-fats:

Trans-fats do the job of lowering the capacity of body to absorb protein. They restrict the secretion of insulin in the body. This increases the blood-sugar level. To avoid trans-fat containing foods will lower down the risk of diabetes. Trans-fats are being observed in dairy products. Non-vegetarian food also have trans-fats in them. The beef and lamb meat contain trans-fats. Thus the diabetic patients should avoid eating such food.

6. Exercise:

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Maintenance of your optimum health is gained with proper exercise. Exercise helps in regularizing the blood flow and controls level of sugar in the blood. Thus the metabolism rate is increased by lowering down the risk factor of diabetes. You will feel relaxed and active after doing exercise. Most of us are becoming lazy and stubborn day by day. Exercise will relax your muscles. They will make all the muscles free and regulate the blood flow in your body. There is no better medicine than exercise to get rid of this sedentary life style. Doing regular exercise will increase the level of energy in your body. This will keep your body away from all diseases.

7. Green Tea:

Green tea
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Green tea acts as a miracle to cure ailments. Drinking one cup of green tea without sugar regularly will make your body radicals free. The antioxidants present in it will normalize the level of blood sugar. This will help in controlling diabetes. Green tea has flavonoids present in it. Green tea has various bioactive compounds present in it. These presence of various minerals will makes this tea a very good source to control your diabetes. This tea prevents you from various form of cell damage. It also prevents the blood from getting clot.

8. Vinegar:

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An excellent dietary compound that is responsible for dilution of concentrated sugar-level in blood is vinegar. Researchers have found out that to have two to three spoon full of vinegar before a meal will reduce influx of glucose. Among many vinegars present in the market apple cider vinegar is the best. It allows our body to make more insulin. This vinegar can be added in your daily diet by dressing your salads. You can even drink it with water. This will give you very good effects.

9. Red Meat:

Red meat
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The polyphenols present in the red meat have the tendency to raise cholesterol blood. The complicated structure of protein make red meat digestion very slow. Red meat hinder insulin secretion and bring the rate of metabolism down. If you are a non-vegetarian you should avoid eating the red meat. The beef and pork are examples of red meat.

10. Constant Checks:

Have a tab on your blood sugar level.  Monitoring your blood sugar regularly will contract the chances of diabetes. For this get a blood-glucose monitor. This monitor is easily available in the market as well as cheaper. The device require very small sample of blood to check your sugar levels. These constant checks will control all your future impairment that are caused due to diabetes.

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