10 Amazing Health Benefits of Mango

: May 27, 2015
benefits of mango
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Summers bring along with them a very pleasant and super delicious fruit and you need not be a super brain to guess the name of that wonderful fruit. Yes it is the king of fruits “Mango”. The raw mango is part of the yearly pickle to delicious tangy Indian spreads that is chutney and several other products like juices while the ripe one is the ultimate yellow beauty with its juicy sweet delicious flavor. Mango is a typical seasonal fruit, which is found during the Indian summer. The fruit has a typical shape, which can be described in only one word “mango shape”.

1.Culinary Use of Mango:

Both the raw and ripe forms of mango are edible. The raw form of mango is tangy while the ripe form is sweet and mangolicious.

1. Use of raw mango:

If you are a fan of tangy taste in that case just wash the raw mango thoroughly with water, wipe with a cloth. Cut into slices and eat the slices as it is or with a dash salt and red pepper powder. The raw mango pickle is known in all Indian households. The raw mango can also be used in number of other ways.

i Raw mango chutney:

  • Wash one raw mango and wipe dry
  • Cut into four halves and remove the seed
  • Cut the mango along with the skin into small cubes
  • Take an onion and cut that too into small pieces
  • Add red chilly powder, salt and sugar
  • Add a tablespoon of roasted groundnuts.
  • Put all these in a grinder
  • Grind it to a smooth paste
  • Enjoy the chutney with chapattis and bread

ii Raw mango juice:

  • Wash two raw mangoes and wipe them dry
  • Pressure cook the raw mangoes as it is
  • Cool and remove the pulp
  • To this add sugar and gur (if you do not have give add only sugar for sweetness)
  • Add a little salt
  • Mix well and keep it in a glass container
  • Store it in refrigerator.
  • When ever you want a cool drink take a little pulp in glass
  • Add water
  • Mix well and have a cool drink.

2. Use of Ripe mango:

What better way of having ripe mango than just eating it as it is. Wash the ripe mango and wipe it dry. Remove the skin and cut the yellow pulpy part into slices and enjoy it as it is. You can make several lip-smacking dishes out of it right from mango juice to jams, jellys, and ice creams.

1.Mango Juice:

  • Wash two ripe mangoes and wipe dry
  • Remove the skin
  • Put the pulp in a blender
  • Blend it well
  • Enjoy the mango juic

 2.Mango Milkshake:

  • Wash two ripe mangoes and wipe dry
  • Remove the skin
  • Put the pulp in a blender
  • Add a glass of milk
  • Blend it well in a blender
  • Enjoy the healthy and tasty milkshake
Method 1:
  • Boil few leaves in water.
  • Strain the mixture.
  • Drink the water in treatment of diabetes.  
Method 2:
  • Soak the leaves overnight
  • Strain the mixture
  • Drink the water on an empty stomach

6. Better sex drive:

Vitamin E is said to improve sex drive. Mango has ample amount of vitamin E

7. Improves Digestion:

The fiber in mango helps breakdown the protein and improves digestion.

8. Use against heat stroke:

The juice of raw mango with water and sugar has a cooling effect on the body.

9. Improves immune system:

Vitamin A, C and caratenoids help improve immunity.

10.Heart rate and blood pressure:

Mango contains potassium and calcium, which helps in controlling the heart rate and blood pressure.

Precautionary Measures:

Though mango has several health benefits there are some points of caution that one needs to keep in mind:

  • Person suffering from latex allergy can suffer from side effects due to the presence of anacardic acid in mango particularly the green one. 
  • Mango peel and sap contain a chemical urushiol, which can cause allergic reactions in some people. 
  • Mangoes ripened artificially using calcium carbide can cause health issues. Hence mangoes should be washed properly before eating
Next time when you hold mango in your hands remember it is not just a tasty fruit but is also a healthy fruit, which has immense health benefits and probably is rightly placed on the throne of king of fruits.


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