10 Best Ways to Treat Chin Blackheads

: April 23, 2015

Chin Blackhead

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The most common skin issue that all of us face and is one of reasons for our visit to salons is “Blackheads” Blackheads are very small elevations on the skin which are formed when the hair follicles on the skin are clogged. This clogging happens due to the accumulation of dust and oil at the opening of the hair follicle.
They are black in color hence they are called blackheads. Though not painful they appear ugly and affect our appearance and skin. Blackheads are usually present on nose and chin area. Those present on the chin are obviously called chin blackheads.

Common causes of chin blackheads are:

  • Secretion of oil in large amounts by the sebaceous glands
  • Hormonal changes in women especially if one is use oral contraceptives.
  • Hereditary
  • Stress and insufficient sleep
  • Use of cosmetics with chemicals that are harmful to skin
  • Reactions due to certain medications.
  • Poor hygiene

There are some easy ways by which we can control chin blackheads:

  1. Try to lead a stress free life. Get enough sleep so that you do avoid fatigue. Lead a healthy lifestyle and make sure to have a good diet.
  2. Choose the cosmetics that you use carefully. Also, check if you are not allergic to the medicines that you may be taking for other ailments.
  3. Drink plenty of water so that skin is hydrated
  4. Take steam on the chin area for few minutes and then clean face gently with a towel.
  5. Refrain from removing the blackheads with force using sharp objects as it will damage skin.
  6. Cleaning of skin regularly with gentle skin cleansers is essential so that dust and dirt does not accumulate and cause clogging of the pores.
  7. Increase intake of vitamin C .It will not only control blackheads but will also give a healthy looking skin.
  8. Make a paste of orange peel and apply it to the chin blackheads. Leave it for 15 minutes and then wash it with water. This method keeps a check on excess oil deposition.
  9. Apply aloe vera to chin blackheads. They help control the menace.
  10. Applying lemon juice to the chin blackheads is also an effective way of controlling chin blackheads.
If the problem of chin blackheads does not come in control by changes in lifestyle and by simple home tips then it is advisable to see a dermatologists.


Sarjita Pradhan

Sarjita Pradhan

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